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1st Company (Scythes of the Emperor)

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As a Codex Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, the First Company of the Scythes of the Emperor is the Chapter's Veteran Company.[1][2]

During the Second Tyrannic War, Chapter Master Mansirius Thorcyra led a detachment of the Scythes, including Captain Dragos and the First Company, in an expedition to the Saphir Cluster to combat the tyranids of Hive Fleet Kraken. The mission was unsuccessful; several Marines were killed (Dragos amongst them). Worse still, the expedition drew a sizeable portion of the Chapter away from their homeworld, Sotha, which was overrun by the tyranids.[3a]

The Scythes of the Emperor were known to field Terminator squadrons around the time of the Fall of Sotha.[3b] Although the aforementioned mission in the Saphir Cluster[3a] meant that some of the Company's Terminators survived the loss of the Chapter's homeworld, most of these were lost in actions surrounding the defence of Giant's Coffin on Miral Prime.[3b][4] Following the Scythes' defeat on Miral, the Chapter was reduced to a mere three operational suits of Terminator Armour; this blow to the Chapter's pride was deep, to the point that the 49th Reclamation Team was highly commended by Master of the Forge Sebastion for recovering enough pieces of armour from the tyranid Hive Ship Rocola to assemble a fourth.[4]

Known Members