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1st Company (Sons of Horus)

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The 1st Company of the Sons of Horus Legion (formerly the Luna Wolves Legion) was active during the Great Crusade[1a] and Horus Heresy.[2c]

All but Ezekyle Abaddon were killed during Abaddon's Saturnine Gambit during the Siege of Terra,[2a][2c] though Falkus Kibre -thought killed at Terra- later reappeared as part of the Duraga Kal Esmejhak[3] and the Black Legion.[4]

Known Actions


Unlike the rest of the Legion, the warriors of the 1st Company wore black armour.[1a][1b][4]


Generally speaking, the 1st Company was highly variable during its existence, and mainly consisted of Justaerin Terminators and Reaver Assault Squads. It tended to be small in numbers.[4]