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1st Company (Ultramarines)

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Banner of the Ultramarines 1st Company[8]

The 1st Company of the Ultramarines, known as the Warriors of Ultramar, comprises the Chapter's most veteran warriors.[1]


Numbering 100 of the most skilled warriors of the Chapter, the 1st Company is trained in the arts of fighting in usual or ancient patterns of Power Armour and with all manner of weaponry. The majority of their warriors serve in Terminator Armour while others act as Vanguard Veterans or Sternguard Veterans. These are attached to Ultramarines strike forces fighting all over the Galaxy. Sometimes, individual veterans of the 1st are chosen to join the ranks of the Victrix Guard, while other Primaris Space Marine Veterans may take to the field clad in Phobos Armour to launch stealth operations. The 1st Company benefits from a wealth of vehicles from the Chapter's fleet of Land Raiders and Repulsors to squadrons of Stormraven Gunships and several Dreadnoughts.[1]

The 1st Company is famous for its Strike Force Ultra formations. This formation mobilizes as many battle-brothers in suits of Terminator Armour as possible and supports them with Land Raiders and Stormraven Gunships. This allows for fast transportation of heavy-hitting forces that can crack the toughest of targets. Recently, this formation has been updated to use Repulsors to carry Intercessor veterans.[1]

Notable Battles

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