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1st Kronus Regiment

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Uniform Basic Data Badge
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- 1st Kronus Regiment -
Homeworld: Kronus[Needs Citation]
Regiment Type: Mixed infantry and armour[Needs Citation]
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The 1st Kronus Regiment, nicknamed the "Liberators", was an Imperial Guard Regiment. It was founded on Kronus sometime during the 41st Millennium, created on the spot from ground forces under the command of Governor-Militant Lukas Alexander.[1a]


Arrival on Kronus

After the the Imperial Guard's defeat on Lorn V, the Departmento Munitorium formed Task Force Retribution. This task force was created from troops of regiments across the Imperium and placed under the leadership of General Lukas Alexander. Segmentum Command ordered the task force to hunt down the Eldar Farseer Taldeer for her actions on Lorn V. They managed to track Taldeer to the planet of Kronus, and mobilized in pursuit. The task force made landfall and secured the remains of the old Imperial city of Ironworks Bay. An ancient Hellstorm Cannon, part of the Horus Heresy-era Imperator Titan Aquila Ignis, was found there by Magos Explorator Gaius[1k] and other Techpriests accompanying the Regiment. Additionally, it was discovered that the Tau had taken over control of the planet, the Necrons were awakening from the sands of the planet's desert, a massive Ork WAAAGH had invaded, and the Word Bearers Chaos Marines had also landed to claim the planet for the Ruinous Powers. [1a]

This prompted Segmentum Command to name General Alexander the planet's Governor-Militant and reform the members of Task Force Retribution on the planet into the 1st Kronus Regiment and named them the "Liberators" as their mission was to liberate the planet and its people from their xenos oppressors. "Ironworks Bay" was renamed "Victory Bay" and made the new planetary capital by Governor-Militant Alexander, in anticipation of his great victory on Kronus. The Liberator's first mission was to defeat the xenos. Unfortunately, The Liberator's mission soon put them at direct odds with a Blood Ravens task force that arrived on Kronus soon after the Liberators, trying to uncover mysteries about the chapter's past. The Blood Ravens were then ordered to purge the planet in order to ensure their findings remain secret. They warned the Liberators to leave, but the unit was determined to follow through with their orders and protect their new homeworld, even if that included fighting the Blood Ravens. [1a][1b]


The Blood Ravens Space Marines' managed to push the Liberators back and staged assault on Victory Bay. During the fighting Governor-Militant Alexander was killed and his palace was leveled to the ground. The 1st Kronus Regiment's 5th Company deserted after the death of their Commissar: Anton Gebbet, and fought along side the Blood Ravens against their former comrades. During the last stage of the fighting, when all was deemed lost, the 2nd Company commander: Captain Gregor Vash[1d][1g] ordered a Tech-priest to overload the core of the Hellstorm Cannon while the Guardsmen made their last stand. The ancient weapon exploded, killing everyone within its blast radius.[1c]

After the fighting was over, the Blood Raven's Brother-Captain Davian Thule and Chaplain Mikelus went on to praised the Liberators for following orders to the end. They then arranged for the transport of the surviving Guardsmen off-world and back to Segmentum Command with testimonials that they had done their regiment proud. However, they executed the soldiers of the 5th Company for having betrayed their regiment even though they helped the Blood Ravens achieve victory.[1f]

Regimental Composition

  • 1st company: Infantry company.[1e]
  • 2nd company: Mechanized company, bolstered with Ogryn troops. Led by Captain Gregor Vash.[1f]
  • 3rd company: Unknown composition. The company was created with men drawn from the Cadian 15th Regiment.[1g]
  • 4th company: Unknown composition. Had atleast 5 platoons.[1i]
  • 5th company: Infantry Company, bolstered with Ogryn troops.[1b][1f]

The 1st Kronus Regiment does not follow the standard enlistment of Cadian regiments. They do not use standard Command Squads, instead using command squads composed of commissars, Ministorum Priests and Sanctioned Psykers, but no Guardsmen.

The regiment has access to armored vehicles, tanks, and artillery. These inlude: Sentinels, Chimeras, Hellhounds, Basilisks, Leman Russes, and Baneblades.

The regiment also has access to a fleet of Valkyrie gunships and troop transports.

Notable figures


Conflicting sources

  • If the 1st Kronus Regiment wins the Dark Crusade, Lukas Alexander is made Planetary Governor, granting him a large power base on the Eastern Fringe. The 1st Kronus Regiment, led by the newly promoted Colonel Gregor Vash, is shipped off to other warzones.[1d]
  • If The 1st Kronus Regiment takes control of the Orestan Plains, they find a human named Valiance. Valiance, despite having lived under the rule of the Tau, styled himself after the Commissars of the Imperium and incited riots among the human population of the era against the Tau. Upon the Liberators capturing the Orestan Plains, they induct Valiance into the regiment as a fully authorized and recognized Commissar.[1l]

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