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Second Aegisine Crusade

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The Second Aegisine Crusade took place between 633-635.M39 and followed the Aegisine Crusade.[1]


The 2nd Aegisine Crusade was launched to reclaim the worlds of Dread Mandragora in 633.M39 after centuries of isolation due to Warp storms. During the crusade, the Red Scorpions gained high honors for their role in the later phases of the crusade which re-conquered worlds around the former Sub-sector capital of Hecuba. These worlds had fallen under the rule of a heretical Mechanicus sect based on the once-proud Forge World of Shaehol. The imposing defenses of Shaehol however did not deter the Red Scorpions, who spearheaded an orbital assault of the planet. Managing to establish a beachhead with Thunderhawks and Caestus Assault Ram's, the Red Scorpions defended itself against vicious of counterattacks by corrupted Servitors, frenzied Skitarii, surgically enhanced Mutants, dark war machines, and insane half-mechanical monstrosities. However they held the line, and were eventually reinforced by the Titans of the Legio Tempestor and the Knight house of House Vymar. Backed by these mighty war machines, the Imperial forces finally achieved a breakthrough.[1]

The full re-conquest of the fallen Forge World would take a further two years to accomplish, with the dark Techpriests of Shaehol eventually meeting their demise. The Adeptus Mechanicus has not forgotten the sacrifice the Red Scorpions undertook in the campaign and gave them full battle honors.[1]