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000 - 099.M31

Year Event Source
000.M31 The Thousand Sons, Space Wolves, and Word Bearers bring the Ark Reach Cluster to compliance. Major General Hestor Navarre is appointed Imperial governor. A Thousand Sons (Novel), Chapters 11-14
Perturabo leads the Iron Warriors to Olympia in response to civil unrest. The Legion kills over five million people and enslaves millions more to pacify the planet.

[Conflicting sources]The Horus Heresy Book Two states that this takes place in 004.M31.

Index Astartes: Iron Warriors; The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19; Perturabo: The Hammer of Olympia Chapters 13-15
The Ullanor Crusade comes to an end. The Emperor of Mankind and His armies destroy Ork warboss Urlakk Urg and the largest Ork empire in the galaxy. At the triumph celebrating the victory, the Emperor names Horus His Warmaster, renames the Luna Wolves the Sons of Horus, and retires to Terra. Index Astartes: Black Legion;
Horus Rising, Part Two, Chapter Seven;
A Thousand Sons, Chapters 15-16;
The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19
Cleansing of Laeran. Fulgrim Part One
The 40th Expeditionary Fleet and the Space Wolves destroy the Olamic Quietude. Prospero Burns Chapters 5-7
The White Scars pursue fleeing Orks to the Chondax system. Brotherhood of the Storm; The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19
Battle of Akum-Sothos Cluster - The Warmaster Horus leads a force of Legiones Astartes to the Akum-Sothos Cluster to retake control of the worlds there from the Unsighted Kings. The Raven Guard take heavy casualties in the Battle of Gate Forty-Two and swear never to fight alongside Horus again. The Horus Heresy Book Three - Extermination pg. 134-135
001.M31 Council of Nikaea - An importance conclave is convened on Nikaea to determine the fate of Space Marine Librarians. The Emperor concludes that all Librarians must return to their Battle Companies and cease using their psychic powers. Magnus the Red is ordered to cease his study of sorcery. A Thousand Sons, Chapters 18-20;
Prospero Burns, Chapters 9-11;
The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19
John Grammaticus leads the Alpha Legion to 42 Hydra Tertius to meet with the Cabal. After the meeting, the Alpha Legion battle barges Alpha and Beta destroy the 670th Expeditionary Fleet. Legion (Novel), Part Two
Battle of Sixty-Three Nineteen - The 63rd Expeditionary Fleet fights the "Imperium of Man" on Sixty-Three Nineteen. Horus Rising Part One Chapters One - Four
Battle of the Whisperhead Mountains - on Sixty-Three Nineteen ends eighteen weeks after the local Emperor is slain. 63-19 is officially compliant. Ibid. Chapters Eight - Nine
War on Murder - The Luna Wolves reinforce the Blood Angels and Emperor's Children on Murder. Upon the arrival of Sanguinius, the combined Imperial forces spend six months exterminating the megarachnids. Ibid. Part Two
Battle of the Corollis Star - The Emperor's Children and Iron Hands destroy the Diasporex. Fulgrim Part Two
Compliance of Ibsen - The Death Guard, Salamanders, and Iron Hands bring 154-4 (Ibsen) to compliance. Eldar farseers try to warn Ferrus Manus of his impending doom, but he refuses to listen. Vulkan renames the planet Caldera. Promethean Sun; The Primarchs: Feat of Iron
Scouring of Hydras Reach - The Ultramarines scours the nine orbital plates of Hydras Reach. The Horus Heresy Book Five - Tempest, pg. 89
002.M31 The Ashen Claws Chapter of the Raven Guard are sent on an expedition to the Ghoul Stars under the command of Praetor Calvus. The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 144
The Interex makes contact with the Imperium in orbit of Murder. When the Hall of Devices in Xenobia Principis is burgled and destroyed, the Interex accuses the Imperial party of the crime. Horus Rising Part Two Chapter Seven, Part Three
Warmaster Horus declines Alpharius' request to aid the 88th Expeditionary Fleet in a campaign against an Ork empire in the Kayvas Belt. Sanguinius and the Blood Angels join the fleet instead and the campaign takes thirteen months to complete. Ibid. Part Three Chapter Two; Fear to Tread Chapter One; The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19
003.M31 Upon returning to Imperial space, Warmaster Horus officially accepts the new name of his Legion: the "Sons of Horus". Ibid. Part Three Chapter Four; The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19
Personnel from the 27th Expeditionary Fleet on Isstvan III send a distress signal while Vardus Praal and the Warsingers attack Imperial holdings. Galaxy in Flames Chapter 3; The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19
004.M31 Battle of Arkenath - Five hundred Ultramarines Battle-Brothers participate in the three-year fight against the Vektate xenos overmind to free the human population of Arkenath. Battle for the Abyss Chapter Two
Battle of Davin's Moon - The Sons of Horus come to Davin by Erebus' request. On Davin's moon, plague zombies attack the Imperial forces. Horus fights Eugen Temba and Temba wounds him with the anathame. Erebus convinces the Legion that the Serpent Lodge can heal Horus' wound. False Gods Chapter Six - Eight, Eleven; The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19
The Fall of Horus - Erebus enters Horus' Warp vision disguised as Hastur Sejanus and tempts him with the powers of Chaos while Magnus the Red tries to dissuade him. Horus accepts the offer and awakens nine days after being interred in the Serpent Lodge's Delphos chamber. Magnus attempts to warn the Emperor of Horus' betrayal through forbidden sorcery, damaging the Golden Throne and psychic infrastructure on Terra in the process.

[Conflicting sources] The Outcast Dead depicts Magnus' warning to the Emperor as occurring after the Drop Site Massacre.

Ibid. Part Three; A Thousand Sons, Chapters 23-25; The Outcast Dead Chapter 8
Battle of Tarsus - The Emperor's Children subsequently destroy Eldar Maiden Worlds in the Perdus Anomaly with virus bombs. Fulgrim Part Three
The Emperor orders Leman Russ to bring Magnus the Red to Terra. Russ calls for his entire Legion to rendezvous at Telkara and then travel from there to Prospero. Tales of Heresy: Wolf at the Door
Lammas Campaign - The 954th Expeditionary Fleet and Space Wolves 13th Great Company bring the Lammas Subsector to compliance, breaking the power of the Tyrants of Kernunnos. Wolf Lord Bulveye and his Wolf Guard spend three months battling the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Shrieking Heart on Antimon. Ibid.
Horus kills Fabricator Consul Emory Salignac of the Auretian Technocracy, triggering a ten-month war with the Technocracy. False Gods, Part Four Chapter Nineteen; Fulgrim Part Four
Horus contacts Leman Russ and changes his directive from arrest to elimination of Magnus the Red. He then orders Sanguinius to take his entire Legion to the Signus cluster in the Northern Cross to liberate it from the nephilim, Lion El'Jonson to take the Dark Angels to the Shield Worlds, and Roboute Guilliman to redeploy his fleet from Saturn to the Veridian system in preparation to engage an Ork incursion. Guilliman orders his fleets to rendezvous with the Word Bearers at Calth. Ibid. Chapter 21; Fear to Tread Chapter 2; Fallen Angels Chapter 1; Horus Heresy: Collected Visions pgs. 158, 171; The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19
Battle of Deep Orbital DS191 - Fulgrim orders a part of the Emperor's Children under Lord Commander Eidolon to rendezvous with the 63rd Expeditionary Fleet in the Isstvan system while he takes the rest to meet with Ferrus Manus in the Callinedes system and entice him to Horus' cause. Galaxy in Flames Chapters 2, 5; Fulgrim Part Four
Battle of Prospero - The Space Wolves destroy the planet but Magnus escapes, taking the remaining Thousand Sons on Prospero to the Planet of the Sorcerers. Bjorn loses his hand to a daemon. False Gods (Novel), Chapter 21;
A Thousand Sons (Novel), Chapters 27-31;
Prospero Burns (Novel), Part Three;
Space Wolf (Novel), Chapter 17;
The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre, pg. 19
The Space Wolves 13th Great Company disappears into the Eye of Terror in pursuit of the Thousand Sons. Codex: Space Wolves (5th Edition) pg. 9
005.M31 The disappearance of the Blood Angels (327.005.M31) - The Blood Angels disappear en-route to the Signus Cluster. Fear to Tread; The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19; The Horus Heresy Book Eight - Malevolence pg.39
Battle of Iota Horologi - The Death Guard purges the jorgall from the Iota Horologii system. Flight of the Eisenstein Chapters 1-3
Battle of Isstvan III - Horus uses the rebellion of Vardus Praal as a cover to purge the Legions under his command from all suspected loyalists. He deploys them on Isstvan III and then virus-bombs the planet from high orbit. Saul Tarvitz learns of the attack and warns the troops on the ground; Horus seizes the opportunity to blood his forces and directs a ground assault against the surviving loyalists. Nathaniel Garro kills Ignatius Grulgor to stop the cruiser Eisenstein from joining the attack and commandeers the ship to flee the system.

[Conflicting sources] Fallen Angels puts Isstvan III in the 200th year of the Great Crusade (five years earlier)

Galaxy in Flames; Flight of the Eisenstein Part Two; The Horus Heresy Book One - Betrayal pgs. 40-59; The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19
Schism of Mars - The Dark Mechanicum unleashes scrapcode into the Martian information grid, crippling nearly every independent manufactory on the planet. Mechanicum 2.02; The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 19
Battle of the Somnus Citadel - Nathaniel Garro asks Malcador for a purpose. Malcador makes him his first Knight-Errant and orders him to find other exceptional Astartes for his cause. Flight of the Eisenstein Chapter Seventeen; Garro: Oath of Moment Tracks Five and Eight
Captain Menes Kalliston and elements of the Thousand Sons 4th Fellowship return to Prospero to find answers. A detachment of World Eaters led by Khârn captures Captain Kalliston and kills the rest of his unit. Khârn interrogates and eventually kills him. Age of Darkness: Rebirth
Defense of Prandium - A Hrud Migration threats Prandium. The Horus Heresy Book Five - Tempest pg. 117
006.M31 Schism of Mars - Four Companies of Imperial Fists, led by Sigismund and Camba-Diaz, secure supplies of Astartes weapons and armour from the Mondus Gamma and Mondus Occulum manufactories. Fabricator-Locum Kane becomes Fabricator-General of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Shadows of Treachery: The Crimson Fist; Mechanicum 3.01-3.04
Warmaster Horus provides the Iron Warriors with psychically-acquired telemetry of the Imperial Fists Retribution Fleet in the Phall system and guarantees their safe transit to the system to destroy them. Shadows of Treachery: The Crimson Fist
The Word Bearers abandon a nearly-complete compliance action on 1301-20 (Calis) to respond to the Emperor's order to join the fleet approaching Isstvan V. The First Heretic Chapters 21-22
Bequa Kynska's Maraviglia premieres in La Fenice onboard the Pride of the Emperor. Singer Coraline Aseneca and her chorus transform into daemonettes while the music pushes the mortal audience into an orgiastic frenzy. Fulgrim Chapter 22
Vulkan names T'kell as Forgefather and instructs him to destroy all but seven weapons held in his vault on Nocturne. Artefacts
Imperial Fists Captain Yonnad is selected to lead his Legion's Retribution Fleet, consisting of three hundred Companies of Astartes and five hundred and sixty one ships, when Sigismund defers to remain at his Primarch's side. The fleet flies straight into a Warp storm that obliterates many ships, leaving Alexis Polux in command of the surviving fleet as it comes to rest in the Phall system. (170.006.M31) Shadows of Treachery: The Crimson Fist
Ad Temperesta translates into realspace at the edge of the Isstvan system to covertly survey the planets. It transmits its findings back to the execution fleet. (528.006.M31) The Horus Heresy Book Two - Massacre pg. 22
The loyalist execution fleet translates into realspace in the Isstvan system and makes full speed toward Isstvan V. (565.006.M31) Ibid. pg. 27
The First Wave on Isstvan V (566.006.M31) - The first wave of loyalists make planetfall on Isstvan V. Contact is made with the traitors forty minutes later. After forty more minutes, the traitors begin their counter-attack. Ninety-six minutes after planetfall, traitor suicide attackers ambush the second landing wave. The fighting grinds to a stalemate two hours after planetfall and both sides withdraw after the third. Half an hour later, the second wave of Legion reinforcements begins planetfall. Ibid. pgs. 28-37
Drop Site Massacre (567.006.M31) - The four reinforcing Legions open fire on the first wave, trapping them in a pincer. Fulgrim kills Ferrus Manus, signalling Angron and Mortarion to lead their Legions to attack. Corvus Corax, wounded after battling Lorgar and Konrad Curze, leads the few surviving loyalists in a break out of the Urgall Depression. Vulkan is missing in action. About half of the Imperial military defects to Horus' side. Ibid. pgs. 19, 40-42; Fulgrim Chapters 23-25; The First Heretic Chapters 25-27;
The Siege of Cthonia begins with an Imperial Fists blockade Horusheresy.com Galaxy Timeline (last accessed 2/6/2022)
First Battle of Paramar (671.006.M31) - The Alpha Legion and Iron Warriors invade the Paramar system. The Horus Heresy Book Three - Extermination pgs. 18-30
Fulgrim defies Horus' order to travel to Mars in order to pillage a Mechanicum resource world. His subordinates determine that he is not himself and attempt to torture the daemon out of him. The Primarchs: The Reflection Crack'd
Damnation of Pythos - A daemonic incursion on the death world Pythos destroys the survivors of the Iron Hands 111th Clan-Company. The Damnation of Pythos
Defense of Schadenhold - Iron Warriors loyal to the Emperor defend the Schadenhold from their traitor brethren in a siege lasting a year and a day, Terran standard. Age of Darkness: The Iron Within
The wards that held the psychic wave caused by Magnus' intrusion into the Imperial Dungeon finally fail, releasing it to wash across the minds of Terra. Compounded with public knowledge of the events at Isstvan V, millions are driven insane or killed outright. The imprisoned Crusader Host breaks out of Khangba Marwu. Severian is the only Crusader not killed or recaptured; he is eventually tracked down and recruited by the Sigilite for his Knights-Errant. The Outcast Dead; Wolf Hunt
The Alpha Legion simultaneously attacks the Space Wolves in the Alaxxes system and the White Scars in the Chondax system. Faced with conflicting and contradictory information about the status of the Great Crusade, Jaghatai Khan refuses to aid Leman Russ or heed Rogal Dorn's summons to Terra, choosing to travel to Prospero to see for himself the truth of the civil war. Horus Heresy: Collected Visions pgs. 344-345; Deliverance Lost Chapter 5; Scars Chapter 6
Evacuation of Corvus Corax (835.006.M31) - Corvus Corax boards a shuttle to evacuate from Isstvan V after ninety-eight days of gruelling guerrilla warfare. Alpha Legion operatives infiltrate the Raven Guard while others prevent a World Eaters vessel from firing on the Raven Guard relief vessels. Raven's Flight; Deliverance Lost Chapters 1-2; Age of Darkness: The Face of Treachery
007.M31 Arrival of Corvus Corax on Terra (200.007.M31) - Corvus Corax arrives in the Solar system intent on seeing the Emperor of Mankind. The Emperor speaks through Malcador to give Corax the location of technology that he can use to rebuild the Raven Guard. Deliverance Lost Chapter 5
Battle of Dominica Minor (4.392.007.M31) - Half of the Death Guard fleet takes three hours to wipe out the defences of Dominica Minor. At nearly the same time, a single ship of the Sons of Horus convinces the people of Moab to turn on themselves to earn the mercy of the Warmaster. The Horus Heresy Book Four - Conquest pgs. 30-35
The Battle of Phall between the Imperial Fists and Iron Warriors Horusheresy.com Galaxy Timeline (last accessed 2/6/2022)
Town 44 on Virger-Mos II agri-world succumbs to panic when it receives word of the Emperor's defeat. Age of Darkness: Liar's Due
Recovery of Cassian Dracos (ca. 570.007.M31) - The Ebon Drake returns to Isstvan V and recovers Cassian Dracos from the battlefield. The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 252
A strike force of loyalist Astartes destroys the Word Bearers ship Furious Abyss before it can attack Macragge. Battle for the Abyss
Battle of Calth (ca. 679.007.M31) - The Word Bearers crash the fleet tender Campanile into the Ultramarines' fleet over Calth, starting the Battle of Calth. During the battle, Nathaniel Garro recruits Tylos Rubio on the order of the Sigilite. Know No Fear; Garro: Oath of Moment
Battle of Armatura (Shadow Crusade) - A combined Word Bearers and World Eaters fleet, including the Abyss's sister ships Blessed Lady and Trisagion, attacks Armatura. Elements of the Word Bearers Legion also attack other worlds in the Ultramar region. The Ruinstorm forms, cutting the galaxy in half and smothering worlds in darkness. Betrayer Part One; The Unremembered Empire Chapter One
Roboute Guilliman calls for loyalist fleets to gather at Ultramar. The 468th Expeditionary Fleet is sent to secure or destroy a warp engine on Perditus Ultima. The Primarchs: The Lion Part VIII
Recruitment of Macer Varren - Nathaniel Garro and Tylos Rubio recruit Macer Varren for the Sigilite after they neutralize a traitorous element of White Scars on the edge of the Solar system. Garro: Sword of Truth
Recruitment of Garviel Loken - Nathaniel Garro, Tylos Rubio, and Macer Varren return to Isstvan III to recruit Cerberus. Garro: Legion of One
Tenebrae Mission - Alpha Legion Squad Sigma redirects Tenebrae 5-90, an asteroid containing a Mechanicum/Alpha Legion research station and a Warp-manipulating xenos device, to fall into the star 66 Zeta-octis. The Primarchs: The Serpent Beneath
Second Battle of Prospero - While Jaghatai Khan and Mortarion battle in the ashes of Tizca, Hasik Noyan-Khan tries to take control of the White Scars fleet for Horus. Scars Chapters 8-12
Rogal Dorn interrogates remembrancer Solomon Voss, recovered from a traitor vessel on the edge of the Solar system. Age of Darkness: The Last Remembrancer
In the wake of psychic warfare and warpcraft used against the Five Hundred Worlds, Roboute Guilliman reinstates the Librarius, defying the Edict of Nikaea for the duration of the emergency. The Unremembered Empire Chapter One
Massacre of Oqueth Minor (721.007.M31) - Tybalt Marr leads the force that destroys the Iron Hands Legion Clan-Council at Oqueth Minor. Shadrak Meduson manages to escape the massacre. Ibid. pgs. 250-251
Veridian Mandeville relay station Tertius receives a message from Ultramarines Captain Alcheios requesting confirmation of mission parameters for the Ghaslakh Campaign. (7.854.007.M31) Mark of Calth: The Underworld War epilogue
Fulgrim and Perturabo enter the Eye of Terror in pursuit of an Eldar weapon. Fulgrim ascends to daemonhood. Angel Exterminatus
008.M31 Battle of Percepton Primus (004.008.M31) . Although the war for the system ends in twenty-seven minutes, after the Word Bearers cripple the Ultramarines space fleet, ground resistance continues for one hundred and sixty four days. The Purge Chapter One
Ruin of Maerdan Adeptus Titanicus (2018) Rulebook, pg. 15
The Siege of Baal begins Horusheresy.com Galaxy Timeline (last accessed 2/6/2022)
Second Battle of Paramar. The Horus Heresy Book Three - Extermination pg. 30
Lion El'Jonson and Konrad Curze battle on Tsagualsa during the Thramas Crusade. Age of Darkness: Savage Weapons
Lion El'Jonson orders the 4th, 6th, 9th, 16th, 17th, and 30th Dark Angels Orders and the Invincible Reason to Perditus to prevent the Death Guard from pillaging the secret Adeptus Mechanicus installation there. En route, Invincible Reason attempts to trap the Night Lords vessel Avenging Shadow but is pulled halfway into the Warp. The Dark Angels and crew fight a daemonic incursion before the ship is freed. The Primarchs: The Lion Parts I-V
Battle of Perditus - The Dark Angels, Iron Hands, and Death Guard battle on Perditus Ultima for possession of a Warp engine. Ibid. Parts VI-IX
Mezoan Campaign The Horus Heresy Book Six pgs. 38–44
Fall of Baztel III The Horus Heresy Book Six pg. 30
Battle of Bodt - Autek Mor of the Iron Hands leads an attack on Bodt, the principal fief world of the World Eaters. He uses his fleet's ordnance to knock Bodt's moon out of its stable orbit and crash it into the planet's surface, wiping out all life. Before the moon falls, Mor plunders a stasis casket from a vault deep below the surface of the planetary capital, Tredecimmia. The casket bears the sigils of Terran gene-wrights that helped the Emperor create the Primarchs. The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pgs. 29, 103-117
Burning of Ohmn-Mat - The forge world of Ohmn-Mat succumbs to civil war. The atmosphere is ignited, consuming the world in flame and triggering the detonation of the forges' atomantic reactors. The world is bathed in fire that will last for decades. Ibid. pgs. 29-30
Incident of Dagonet - The masters of Terra's assassin clades dispatch an execution force to Dagonet in order to assassinate Warmaster Horus. Their mission is unsuccessful. Ibid. pg. 30, Nemesis
Isessos Genocide - Alpha Legion strikes in the Isessos system cause severe casualties. Those returned to the colonies for treatment are found to be infected with a harmless algal strain. The strain jumps from its human hosts to the agri-worlds' produce fields and wipes them out, leading to ninety billion deaths by famine and political destabilization of the system. The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 30
Battle of Vannaheim - The Space Wolves lose their grand cruiser Helicon Spear to the Iron Warriors in a failed attempt to drive the traitors from the Vannaheim's orbital hives. Ibid.
Battle of Nuceria (Shadow Crusade) - Lorgar and Angron lead their Legions to Nuceria. Angron orders the planet exterminated, but Roboute Guilliman and his Ultramarines arrive to interfere and exact retribution for Calth. Fidelitas Lex is shot down. Lorgar's Shadow Crusade transforms Angron into a Daemon Prince. Betrayer Part Two
009.M31 Barabas Dantioch begins his research and experimentation with the xenos technology in Mount Pharos on Sotha. The Unremembered Empire Chapter 2
Xana Incursion - A hand picked strike force of Legiones Astartes, including many Blackshields who have remained loyal to the Emperor, is sent to the forge world of Xana to destroy a delivery of Ordinatus war machines that would have sealed Xana's allegiance with Horus. The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 30
Battle of Gaunt's Hollow The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 73
The Breaking of Anvillus Horusheresy.com Galaxy Timeline (last accessed 2/6/2022)
The Siege of Inwit Horusheresy.com Galaxy Timeline (last accessed 2/6/2022)
Konrad Curze and the Atramentar board Invincible Reason while the bulk of the remaining Night Lords fleet flees into the Warp. The Atramentar, including Jago Sevatarion, are either killed or captured, while Curze eludes capture in the bowels of the ship. Shadows of Treachery: Prince of Crows Chapters VIII-IX
Battle of Dwell - Horus Aximand kills Bion Henricos and loses his face in a sword fight with Hibou Khan. Horus grants permission to Tybalt Marr to take any action he deems appropriate to eradicate the Shattered Legions. Ibid.; Little Horus; The Either
Battle of Molech - Malcador dispatches a task force of Knights-Errant to assassinate Warmaster Horus at Molech. House Devine betrays the Imperium to side with the Warmaster. Horus gains the full empowerment of the Chaos gods. Vengeful Spirit; The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 30
Battle of Arissak - Tybalt Marr destroys Shadrak Meduson's assembled Shattered Legion force. The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 30
Sangraal Campaign. The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 30
Barabas Dantioch activates the Pharos device on Sotha, creating an empathic warp beacon similar to the Astronomican pointing toward Macragge. Thousands of refugees and Legiones Astartes converge on Macragge. Vulkan teleports into orbit and crashes to the surface. Konrad Curze escapes the Invincible Reason and wreaks havoc on the planet before Damon Prytanis unleashes the captured daemon Ushpetkhar on him. Roboute Guilliman declares Sanguinius the regent of the Imperium Secundus. The Unremembered Empire; The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 30
Battle of Ghorna (676.009.M31)- Acting on the orders of Marcus Valerius, himself acting on a prophetic dream he believes came from the Emperor, the Therion Cohort arrives at the agri-world Ghorna to find the Death Guard in the midst of plundering it. The Cohort defeats the Death Guard and resupplies. Corax: Weregeld Chapter Three
ca. 009-010.M31 The Emperor personally intervenes to end the War Within the Webway. His leaving the Golden Throne requires the Unspoken Sanction be enacted; the Silent Sisterhood is ordered to collect psykers from Imperial worlds to be placed around the Throne and drained of their power to sustain its functions of maintaining the seal on the Webway gate. Master of Mankind
010.M31 Baal receives word from Raldoron in the Signus cluster that the Blood Angels Legion still exists, narrowly averting their dissolution by order of Malcador. Lost Sons
Sixty-six Salamanders Legionaries brave the Ruinstorm to escort Vulkan's body back to Nocturne. Deathfire
Battle of Sotha - The Pharos device emits a massive psychic pulse that cripples the Night Lords invasion fleet and races outward from Sotha, eventually catching the attention of the Tyranid Hive Mind in intergalactic space. Pharos
The Raven Guard battlecruiser Sabalis Liberatus breaks into realspace near Galaspar. A traitor Imperial patrol fires on them, but the Raven Guard board and capture their vessels. Sabalis Liberatus begins a two-year trek toward Terra. The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 31
Dispute of Iron - The forge worlds Incunabula, Urdesh, Valia-Maximal, and Kalibrax declare war on Graia, Arl'yeth, and Atar-Median. Civil war engulfs Arachnis and Jerulas Station. Ibid.
Battle of Tallarn (010-012.M31). Ibid.
While the resurrected Vulkan makes his way from Nocturne to Terra, Eldrad Ulthran and Barthusa Narek hunt agents of the Cabal. Old Earth
The Raid of Kamiti Sona The Crimson King (Novel) Chapters 8–12; The Horus Heresy Book Eight - Malevolence pg. 29
011.M31 The Lorin Alpha Campaign (011-013.M31) Horusheresy.com Galaxy Timeline (last accessed 2/6/2022)
Malagant Conflict (011-014.M31) - A company of Raven Guard stalls the Death Guard's campaign on Malagant with three years of guerilla warfare. The Death Guard finally withdraws before Imperial Fists reinforcements enter the system. The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 31
By this time, the Night Lords are no longer an organized fighting force, but a band of sadistic madmen who inflict violence and terror for its own sake. Ibid. pg. 129
A Legiones Astartes warband calling itself the Ashen Claws ravages the Nostramo sector. Among its actions, the warband forces the Night Lords vessel Shroud of Eventide to crash on Kalleth. Ibid. pgs. 137-138
Battle of the Kalium Gate. The Path of Heaven Chapters 3-5
Battle of Catallus. Ibid. Chapters 21-27
While Lion El'Jonson hunts Konrad Curze in Ultramar, Luther foments rebellion from the Imperium and the Lion on Caliban. Angels of Caliban
Alpha Legion sleeper cells are activated in the Solar system, causing widespread disruption and panic. A massed fleet of the Legion enters the system and is thrown back at the Battle of Pluto. All information concerning the Alpha Legion's presence in the Solar system, including the death of Alpharius in the battle, is classified on the order of Rogal Dorn. Praetorian of Dorn
The White Scars fleet arrives in the Solar system. The Path of Heaven Epilogue; Praetorian of Dorn Epilogue
Following proof that the Emperor lives, Imperium Secundus is abolished by Roboute Guilliman, Sanguinius, and Lion El'Jonson. The Blood Angels, Ultramarines, and Dark Angels leave Ultramar and attempt to reach Terra through the Ruinstorm. They instead reach Davin, the heart of the Ruinstorm, and destroy the corrupted world. While Sanguinius and most of the Blood Angels arrive at Terra, his brothers take their Legions to harry the traitors and slow their advance. Ruinstorm
Battle of the Aragna Chain - Shadrak Meduson is captured and executed by Tybalt Marr. Old Earth Chapter 23
Vulkan reaches Terra through the Webway and guards the Golden Throne. Old Earth Chapter 30
Battle of Tralsak Adeptus Titanicus (2018) Rulebook pg.17
012.M31 The Dissolution of the Order Elucidatum - Malcador dissolutes formally the Order Elucidatum. The Horus Heresy Book Eight - Malevolence pgs. 28-29
Battle of Trisolian - Leman Russ and Horus Lupercal gravely wound each other. Wolfsbane (Novel)
Battle of Yarant - The Space Wolves suffer significant losses to the forces of the traitors before the Raven Guard arrive and evacuate the survivors. Corax: Weregeld Chapter Four
Formation of the Adeptus Mechanicus
Balthor Sigma Intervention Adeptus Titanicus (2018) Rulebook, pg. 17
Scouring of the Ollanz Cluster ibid.
013.M31 Battle of Beta-Garmon, one of the largest single battles of the Heresy
Battle of Honourum
Horus falls into a coma following Beta-Garmon, but orders the mustering of the traitor Primarchs to Ullanor in preparation for the drive on Terra. Horus eventually recovers, Lorgar retrieves Fulgrim from the Eye of Terror while Perturabo retrieves Angron on Deluge. Lorgar is exiled after attempting to usurp the Warmaster. Slaves to Darkness
En route to Terra, the Destroyer Plague hits the Death Guard. Mortarion swears allegiance to Nurgle to alleviate his Legion's suffering. Horus Heresy: Collected Visions pgs. 347-349
014.M31 Siege of Terra (Secundus 13) - Horus' army lays siege to the Emperor's Palace for fifty-five days. When he detects the fleets of the Dark Angels and Space Wolves approaching, Horus drops his ship's shields to entice the Emperor into a personal confrontation. The Emperor, Sanguinius, and Rogal Dorn teleport onboard Horus' battle barge Vengeful Spirit. Horus kills Sanguinius before the Emperor utterly obliterates Horus. Rogal Dorn carries the mortally wounded Emperor to the Golden Throne to keep Him alive. White Dwarf 161 (UK); White Dwarf 267 (US) article Assault on Holy Terra
Fall of Caliban - Luther betrays Lion El'Jonson upon the Lion's return to Caliban. In the ensuing fight, Caliban is split apart and El'Jonson vanishes while Luther is captured. He is kept in a stasis field inside The Rock, the largest remaining piece of Caliban and the new base of the Dark Angels. Index Astartes: Dark Angels; Codex: Dark Angels (4th Edition) pgs. 8-9
The Ultramarines chase the Alpha Legion to Eskrador. Roboute Guilliman leads a strike force of three thousand Ultramarines in a Codex-defying raid on Alpharius' command bunker. Guilliman kills Alpharius with one blow and has his body burned. The Alpha Legion and the natives of Eskrador continue to harass the Ultramarines until they regroup to orbit and bombard the surface. Index Astartes: Alpha Legion
Roboute Guilliman compiles the Codex Astartes, which lays down the new organizational doctrine for Space Marine Chapters. Index Astartes: Codex Astartes
ca. 014.M31 The Iron Cage - Rogal Dorn loses four hundred Imperial Fists in a failed siege of the Iron Warriors Eternal Fortress on Sebastus IV. While Dorn withdraws with the help of Roboute Guilliman and his Ultramarines, Perturabo sacrifices the gene-seed of the fallen to become a daemon prince. Index Astartes: Imperial Fists; Index Astartes: Iron Warriors
017.M31 Great Scouring - Loyalists gradually re-conquer the Imperium. Chaos forces retreat into the Eye of Terror. Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Rulebook pg. 124; Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook pg. 168; The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pg. 128
An Ultramarines task force captures the Word Bearers battleship Chronicle of Ashes in the Dominion of Storms. The upper decks of the Chronicle contain etchings of the Word Bearers' history, including information previously unavailable to Imperial scholars. The Horus Heresy Book Five - Tempest pg. 20
019.M31 Third Battle of Paramar. The Horus Heresy Book Three - Extermination pg. 30
020.M31 Rogue trader Erasmus Skathe travels to Cairn in the Nostramo sector for salvage. His expedition finds the world dead, inhabited by degenerate humans, and evidence that an unknown Legiones Astartes force annihilated the world's defences and trapped its inhabitants in the sub-levels of its hive cities. The Horus Heresy Book Six - Retribution pgs. 135-136
The Reclamation of the Shroud of Eventide - The Blood Angels reclaim the Night Lords vessel Shroud of Eventide from the surface of Kalleth, rechristen her Crimson Intent, and transfer her to the Angels Vermillion Chapter in preparation for the Second Founding. Ibid. pg. 137
021.M31 Second Founding - The nine loyal Space Marine Legions are divided into new Chapters during the Great Scouring. The Apocrypha of Skaros asserts that the Ultramarines Legion became twenty-three Chapters. No Chapters are recorded as descended from the Salamanders. The Grey Knights are secretly created and designated Chapter 666. Warhammer 40,000 6th Edition Rulebook pg. 168; Deathwatch: Rites of Battle pg. 53; Index Astartes: Grey Knights and Deathwatch
022.M31 The Chronicle of Ashes is cleansed, tech-exorcised, and rededicated as the Lex Talonis. The Ultramarines present it to the Nemesis Chapter. The Horus Heresy Book Five - Tempest pg. 20
ca. 022.M31 Disappearance of Corvus Corax - Corvus Corax leaves his self-imposed seclusion after a year and a day and takes a ship toward the Eye of Terror. His last known communication is simply "Nevermore." Index Astartes: Raven Guard
Alpha Legion warlord Dynat "Crowbane" Mal retreats to the Mandragoran Stars and gathers a thousand-strong force of traitors, diabolists, and renegades around him. He fends off all Imperial attacks against him and destroys the Imperial outpost at Amarah, effectively removing the Imperial presence from the region, which is now known as the Dark Marches. Imperial Armour Volume Twelve - The Fall of Orpheus pg. 16
ca. 032.M31 The Ultramarines destroy Colchis. Know No Fear epilogue
ca. 034.M31 Rogal Dorn leads three Companies of Imperial Fists to join the fight against a Black Crusade. Dorn is killed aboard the Sword of Sacrilege but his remains are recovered before the ship can escape. Index Astartes: Imperial Fists; Space Marine
ca. 081.M31 Disappearance of Jaghatai Khan - Jaghatai Khan and the White Scars First Brotherhood disappear in pursuit of Dark Eldar on Corusil V, near the Maelstrom. Chapter lore states that the Khan pursued a Dark Eldar Archon through a Webway portal. Index Astartes: White Scars

100 - 199.M31

Year Event Source
101.M31 The Eldar of Craftworld Ulthwé save Navigator House Belisarius, and form the Pact of Anwyn. Farseer (Novel) Chapter Five
ca. 109.M31 The Raven Guard reaches significant combat strength for the first time since Isstvan V. Index Astartes: Raven Guard
120.M31 The High Lords of Terra allow the Dark Angels to establish numerous recruiting worlds. Codex: Dark Angels (6th Edition) pg. 22
121.M31 Battle of Thessala - Fulgrim mortally wounds Roboute Guilliman. Ultramarines apothecaries put him in a stasis field and take him back to Macragge. Index Astartes: Ultramarines
193.M31 A text known as The Empyreal Truth is officially suppressed. The Horus Heresy Book Five - Tempest pg. 138

200 - 299.M31

Year Event Source
209.M31 Disappearance of Leman Russ - Leman Russ leaves The Fang on the day of the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension, taking all his favoured warriors with him except for Bjorn. He does not tell anyone else of the Space Wolves where he is going or when he will return. Codex: Space Wolves (5th Edition) pg. 21; Parting of the Ways
216.M31 The Wolf Lords of the Space Wolves elect Bjorn as Great Wolf. Bjorn leads the Chapter's first Great Hunt in pursuit of their missing Primarch and returns in failure. Ibid.

300 - 399.M31

Year Event Source
320.M31 An Adeptus Mechanicus expedition was scheduled to investigate the anomalous di-polar emissions on the gas giant Ravishol in the Veridian system in this year. The Horus Heresy Book Five - Tempest pg. 26
356-372.M31 Vindicator created during third Rothern I pacification of the Great Heresy. White Dwarf 231 (UK) [Needs Citation]

500 - 599.M31

Year Event Source
509.M31 Great Wolf Bjorn the Fell-Handed falls defeating a monstrous daemon on Morellion. His body is retrieved and interred in a Dreadnought sarcophagus. Codex: Space Wolves (5th Edition) pg. 49; Parting of the Ways
580.M31 The Dark Angels and two of their Successor Chapters engage in the Forgotten Wars against the agents of the Ruinous Powers. Codex: Dark Angels (6th Edition) pg. 22
Falkus Kibre and Iskandar Khayon locate the lost Vengeful Spirit and Ezekyle Abaddon, who kills Fabius Bile's clone of Horus. The Talon of Horus

700 - 799.M31

Year Event Source
781.M31 1st Black Crusade - On Uralan, the Despoiler secures the daemon weapon Drach'nyen. The First Battle of Cadia. Codex: Chaos Space Marines (3rd Edition, 2nd Codex); Codex: Chaos Space Marines (6th Edition) pg. 22
The Black Templars ship Valorous Vow enters the Sol system. Imperial search parties discover the body of High Marshal Sigismund. The words "We are returned" are carved into the metal of his Black Sword. The ship's databanks are found to contain copious amounts of data concerning the First Battle of Cadia and Astartes helmet recordings of the duel between Sigismund and Ezekyle Abaddon. The Black Legion officially declares the start of the Long War. Black Legion Outro

800 - 899.M31

Year Event Source
807.M31 The Ulmetrican Reach Campaign. Clan Raukaan - A Codex: Space Marines Supplement (6th Edition)
893.M31 Scribe First Order Wendel Voss records the Cleansing of Laeran, in which the alien Laer are wiped out by the Emperor's Children led by Fulgrim.

[Conflicting sources] (The Horus Heresy book Fulgrim depicts this happening during the Great Crusade.)

White Dwarf 255 (UK),
Fulgrim (Novel)

900 - 999.M31

Year Event Source
ca. 900.M31 A highly decorated Imperial Guard officer takes the name Fatidicus ("prophet") and establishes the Temple of the Saviour Emperor on Terra. Via the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Navy, his teachings spread across the entire Imperium.

[Conflicting sources] The timeline in Blood of Martyrs is a millennium behind other sources.

Dark Heresy: Blood of Martyrs pg. 35

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