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35th Octobian Regiment

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The 35th Octobian Regiment of the Imperial Guard, was one of several Regiments that took part in putting down a rebellion on the Hive World of Fell Core. To the surprise of the Guard, they would discover that a Genestealer Cult was behind the rebellion and the Space Marines would come to Fell Core to destroy the Genestealer infestation. It was too late however, as the Tyranids would soon begin to invade Fell Core and the 35th Octobian would defend Hive Tertius during the invasion; and would oversee its evacuation, as its defenses were breached. Eventually, the Tyranids would overwhelm the Imperium's defenses of the planet and what survivors could be saved were evacuated; among them the survivors of the 35th Octobian, before an Exterminatus was launched destroying the planet.[1]

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