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5th Company (Ultramarines)

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Banner of the 5th Company[9]

The 5th Company of the Ultramarines, known as the Wardens of the Eastern Fringe, are the most diffuse and far-traveled of the Chapter.[1]


When a Battle-Brother earns the right to advance to the rank of Battle Companies, it is usually the 5th that they join first. Amongst the ranks of the Ultramarines, this means rapid redeployment throughout the galaxy. The 5th represents the traditional Gladius of old, ready at a moment’s notice to slice forth, parry the incoming attacks of the enemy and then defeat them in turn with rapid, economical stabbing blows. Indeed, the gladius strike force template was named in honor of this company, and still sees much use as a standard deployment method for compact and strategically versatile Space Marine deployments not only amongst the Ultramarines but countless other Chapters across the Imperium. The second reason for the 5th Company’s constant crusading is that it allows its battle-brothers to rapidly accrue a great deal of experience as front-line warriors. Their role also sees 5th Company warriors fight alongside a wide variety of Imperial military forces, from other Chapters, to Knight Houses, to the Sisters of Battle. This not only broadens the battle-brothers’ scope of strategic and intra-squad tactical expertise, but it also speaks to the third reason for the 5th Company’s distant crusades. Through their presence, the warriors of the 5th Company see to it that the Ultramarines are witnessed far and wide, and so ensure that they remain an inspirational force throughout the Imperium.[1]

Fighting far from Ultramar for years or even decades at a time, 5th Company strike forces tend to be self-reliant warrior fraternities who may fight together over the course of multiple campaigns without ever seeing another Ultramarine. Those who survive the rigors of their long crusades build unbreakable bonds of loyalty and comradeship that are symbolized by the shared campaign badges proudly displayed upon their armor and standards.[1]

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