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63rd Expeditionary Fleet

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The 63rd Expedition Fleet was an Expedition Fleet created during the Great Crusade under the command of Horus, the Primarch of the Luna Wolves. The fleet comprised of forces from the Luna Wolves Space Marine Legion,[1a] the Byzant Janizars Imperial Army Regiment,[1b] the Legio Mortis Titan Legion[1c] as well as a large number of remembrancers.[1a] The fleet rebelled against the Emperor and supported Warmaster Horus during the Horus Heresy.[Needs Citation]

Composition of the 63th Expedition Fleet

Space Marine Legions

Imperial Army Regiments

Titan Legions

Imperial Fleet

At least 10 light cruisers and 5 mass conveyances.[1d]

Notable Members

Luna Wolves Legion

Byzant Janizars Regiment


Other Notable Imperial Personnel

Planets Brought to Compliance

Notable Battles of the 63rd Expedition Fleet

The Great Crusade

The Horus Heresy