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9836-18 Grave Core

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
px Name: 9836-18 Grave Core px
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum (Ghoul Stars)[1]
Population: None[1]
Affiliation: former Cythor Fiends[1]
Class: Gas Giant[1]
Tithe Grade:

9836-18 "Grave Core" is a Gas Giant located in the Ghoul Stars. Before the Ghoul Stars Crusade, it served as the capital world of the Cythor Fiends Xenos.[1]


The planet was a mid-range Gas Giant which appeared blue from orbit. Its atmosphere was toxic and extremely cold, unfit for most species. High Marshal Helbrecht noted that the planet resembled Neptune. The planet appeared to be highly resistant to any damage, to an unnatural degree.[1]

It is unknown by what name the planet was called by the Cythor Fiends. 9836-18 "Grave Core" is the Imperial designation, with the number signifying it as the 18th world conquered during the Ghoul Stars Crusade.[1]


9836-18 "Grave Core" served as the center of the Cythors, and was regarded as their main homeworld. The Xenos had erected platforms in the planet's atmosphere. The Death Spectres hinted that they had once also invaded 9836-18 "Grave Core", just as the Black Templars eventually did, but found it empty.[1]

In late M41, the Black Templars arrived at 9836-18 "Grave Core" expecting the Cythor Fiends to make their last stand there, but the entire species had already fled the planet. Furious, the Black Templars attempted to destroy the planet, but failed at that. As an alternative, they eliminated the Cythors' orbital platforms and then tried to set the world's atmosphere on fire by bombaring it with their armada. This took an unnaturally long time, and Death Spectres Captain Naroosh would remark that whatever the Imperials did, would not matter in the long run, as the Cythor Fiends always returned to reclaim their planets.[1]