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The Vash'ya Or'es El'leath A'Rho - or simply A'Rho for short - was a Or'es El'leath class battleship, fielded by the Tau during the Taros Campaign.[1]

Rather than meeting the Imperial fleet head-on, the A'Rho served as a decoy, striking deep and then running, drawing off two Imperial Cruisers - the Hammer of Thrace and Righteous Power - and a squadron of Firestorm Frigates. This allowed the rest of the Tau fleet to wreak havoc on Imperial convoys carrying needed supplies and reinforcements to the forces fighting on Taros.[1]

After fourteen days, the A'Rho and its Kir'shasvre Escorts were finally run down by their Imperial pursuers and, their mission already successful, turned to fight. Although outgunned and ultimately destroyed in the battle, the A'Rho managed to take the Hammer of Thrace and three of the Firestorms with it.[1]