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A Mug of Recaff (Short Story)

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A Mug of Recaff
MugofRecaff Cover.jpg
Cover art
Author Sandy Mitchell
Publisher Black Library
Released 2015
Collected in Ciaphas Cain: Saviour of the Imperium
Editions August 2015 e-short
ISBN 9781785723049

A Mug of Recaff is a short story by Sandy Mitchell. It was originally published in Hammer and Bolter 20, and re-published online in August 2015.

Later it was re-issued as separate ebook.

Cover Description[1]

Another mission to purge the worlds of the Imperium of the followers of Chaos ends in success, thanks to the inspired leadership of Commissar Cain. Realising it's time to reward his master with a hot cup of recaff, Jurgen, his faithful servant, heads off to seek refreshment, but finds rather more than he bargained for in the heart of the defeated cultists' stronghold.

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