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Aajz Solari

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Aajz Solari is Captain of the Second Company of the Raven Guard.[Needs Citation]


He is notorious for leading Assault Squads into battle on a regular basis. Solari is a tall man, even for a Space Marine. Aajz's paper-white skin and ebony-black hair speak of the long years of service to his chapter. Recruited from Deliverance itself, Captain Solari comes from the most ancient of families of the large moon: his ancestors descended from the original slaves. His ferocity and combat prowess are legendary in his Chapter, as is his disregard for formality. Over his 23 years in his current commission, Solari's performance has been erratic but highly successful. His ability to work within any situation and meet the changing needs of the battlefield is unquestionable, but there have been times when Solari has left more to luck than tactical doctrine would dictate. At times he had brilliant successes, at others disastrous failures.[Needs Citation]

At his core Solari is a gambler, willing to play the fates to win a battle, and only his track record has spared him the ignominy of a court martial.[1]

During 998.M41, Aajz Solari was placed in full command of elements from a dozen Chapters to combat Hive Fleet Leviathan in containment operations. The conflict is ongoing.[1]

Following the formation of the Great Rift and the introduction of Primaris Space Marines, Solari has seen the value of Vanguard Space Marines. As such, he has given the 2nd Company a second optional Vanguard formation alongside the 2nd Company.[3]

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