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Abdaziel Magron

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Abdaziel Magron was a Dark Angels Sergeant during the Great Crusade, who was recruited from the Imperium world Duthovan and served in the Company of Captain Zhebdek Abaddas.[1a]


While serving under Abaddas, Magron and the Captain's Company were dispatched to a Death World to recover an STC from a crashed Imperial Navy ship, but the world was home to creatures who were nearly impervious to harm and could crush Legionary armour like eggshells. In a desperate attempt to fulfill their mission the remnants of the Company sacrificed themselves to hold off the creatures long enough for Captain Abaddas and Sergeant Magron to reach the ship and escape with the STC. Sometime later though, Magron was separated from Abaddas' command as the Captain was one of the many Dark Angels that their Primarch Lion El'Jonson had sent back to their Homeworld Caliban.[1a]

During the time of the Horus Heresy, Magron would go on to take part in a mission to destroy a World Eaters base built within a moon, near several of the Imperium's worlds. Though the base had been established during the Great Crusade, now that the World Eaters turned upon the Imperium it could no longer be allowed to function and a Dark Angels Lieutenant was given command over a hastily put together strike force. When the strike force approached the moon though, the World Eaters fired upon them with defensive lasers and then launched several assault pods, to board the strike force's ships, even as the Lieutenant gave the order to fire from his flagship, the Battle Barge Imperial Vengeance. As the battle waged, Magron and several other Dark Angels, were told to stop the incoming assault pods and boarded Rocket-rafts, which were launched from the Imperial Vengeance. Magron's group of Rocket-raft's soon collided with a group of the World Eaters' assault pods and the two sides pulled themselves out of the entangled craft and began fighting amid the wreckage. It was at this time that a hidden World Eaters fleet appeared and attacked the Imperium strike force, though this did not stop the Imperial Vengeance and the other ships from continuing to fire upon the base. Their firepower eventually carved its way deep enough into the moon to damage the World Eaters' base, but this caused the moon to suddenly explode. The blast spread destruction throughout the Imperium and World Eaters' forces and Sergeant Magron soon found himself to be the only survivor amid the wreckage and corpses[1b]. With no chance of being rescued, Magron contemplated committing suicide, by removing his helmet to face the void of space, but he quickly realized his life belonged to the Emperor and he could not go through with it. Instead he entered a Sus-an Membrane coma and hoped he would somehow be found, as he drifted farther away from the strike force's remains.[1a]

Millennia would pass as the Sergeant was in the coma[1a], but during that time the Emperor, who had been enthroned upon the Golden Throne since the Heresy's end, had sensed Magron's plight and saw an opportunity to rid a future threat to the Imperium. By focusing his massive psychic powers, the Emperor was able to guide Magron's body into the Eye of Terror[1c], where it eventually entered the atmosphere of the Daemon World Rhodonius 428571429 within the Rose Cluster. Normally this would have led to Magron's death, but either due to the Emperor's power or the Daemon World itself, Magron gently floated down and landed upon one of the gigantic rose petals that covered the world's surface. There he was found by the Warband of the former Dark Angels Captain Abaddas, who was now a Fallen Angel and worshiper of Chaos Undivided. When Abaddas was informed of the Sergeant's appearance he was at first shocked to see Magron, but was then elated that the Chaos Gods had delivered to him a Legionary Dark Angel; as he had not encountered another of his kind from that era, during his time fighting within the Eye of Terror. The former Captain immediately helped Magron out of his coma, but the Sergeant was unaware that ten millennia had passed or that the Imperium had defeated the Traitor Legions. Once Abaddas learned of this, he decided to lie to Magron in order to ensure the Sergeant would join him in the worship of Chaos. The former Captain then proceeded to claim that two hundred years ago, Horus' rebellion against the Imperium had succeeded and the Warmaster had killed the Emperor; though Horus later died from the injuries he had earned in the battle with his Father. Abaddas then finished by telling Magron, that their Primarch, Lion El'Jonson, also died in the Heresy and Daemons now ruled the galaxy, which had allowed Mankind to have a better future. Though Magron was shocked to his core, he had little reason not to trust Abaddas and soon began to believe every word the former Captain said.[1a]

However Magron had little time to contemplate his new future, as during the time the Sergeant had entered Rhodonius 428571429, the forces of Khorne had invaded the Daemon World. Abaddas had led his Warband to battle against the invaders, but they had failed and now further forces loyal to the Blood God had begun to invade as well. After learning of this, Abaddas had begun preparations to leave his home when Magron was discovered and having now gained the Sergeant's confidence the former Captain took Magron aboard his nearby spaceship and escaped. Though he had just abandoned his Warband and domain to the invaders, Abaddas still had a desire to defend the Rose Cluster and landed on another invaded Cluster world, which was being attacked by an Alpha Legion Warband allied with Khorne's forces. The former Captain then convinced Magron to defend the invaded world against the Alpha Legion[1a] and in the battle that followed, Abaddas constantly suggested that Magron should draw upon the Chaos Gods to give the Sergeant the strength to fight against the invaders. Magron at first reluctantly did so, but when the Sergeant began to be infused with the powers of the Warp, he began to readily call upon the Chaos Gods, much to Abaddas' satisfaction. Eventually though the battle between the forces of Khorne and the world's defenders ended, when the Lord of Change known as the Great Thinker and the Bloodthirster the Deathbringer appeared. The Great Thinker had created the worlds of the Rose Cluster and stated he had entered in a partnership with the Deathbringer, to begin a grand project that would aid them in an upcoming battle. In order to complete it though, the Lord of Change needed the population of the Rose Cluster and used its powers to cause them to disappear. Soon only Chaos Marines remained on the world where Magron and Abaddas had been fighting and the Alpha Legion Warband quickly withdrew to their ships and left. With the battle now done, Abaddas revealed to Magron that he had brought the Sergeant to meet a Word Bearers Dark Apostle, who would help the Sergeant solidify his faith in the Chaos Gods. More specifically Khorne, as the Blood God was a perfect match for Magron's warrior spirit and had begun to mark the Sergeant. Now trusting his former Captain completely Magron agreed and followed Abaddas, but on their way to the Dark Apostle[1d], they encountered the Rogue Trader Maynard Rugolo and his Navigator Pelor Calliden being attacked by the Slaanesh Cultist Aegelica. Aegelica was possessed by a Daemonette and the Daemon had mutated her body to kill Rugolo and Calliden when the Navigator spotted the two Dark Angels and pleaded with for help. After hearing this the Daemonette turned to Magron and Abaddas and pointed at Magron saying he was marked by Khorne and was its enemy. Abaddas threatened the Daemon, to stay away from Magron as he belived the Sergeant's lay in becoming a Khorne Daemon Prince. Hearing this enraged the Daemon and it suddenly erupted from Aegelica and escaped, claiming it was needed elsewhere and left the Slaanesh Cultist a withered corpse.[1e]

Afterwards Abaddas quickly told Magron they had to move on, though Magron had wanted to further help the seemingly lost Rogue Trader and Navigator. The two Dark Angels were soon before the Dark Apostle, Abaddas convinced the Sergeant to dedicate himself to the Blood God. Magron agreed and after the Dark Apostle said a prayer asking for the Khorne's benediction, the Sergeant was infused with rage and his power armour now bore the emblem of the Blood God. The Dark Apostle then asked Magron to formally renounce the Emperor and embrace Khorne, but just as Magron was about to, the Rogue Trader and Navigator they had encountered before appeared before them. The two had followed the Dark Angels, in order to ask for their help in escaping the Eye of Terror, when they heard the Dark Apostle ask Magron to renounce the Emperor. This outraged the Navigator Calliden, who asked Magron where was his loyalty to the Emperor and when Magron replied with the lies Abaddas had told him, the Navigator claimed that the Emperor still lived and they were in the 41st Millennium. Hearing this lifted a veil from Magron's eyes and he turned to Abaddas and asked the former Captain for the truth. After seeing the expression on Magron's face, Abaddas realized that any hope he had to turn to turn the Sergeant to the worship of Khorne was now gone and told Magron he had just robbed himself of eternal life and glory. The former Captain then pulled his weapons on Magron and the Sergeant pulled his in return, while exclaiming he would not forsake the Emperor and after a short duel, the former Captain was struck down by Magron. Though Abaddas still lived, he did not resist as Magron asked for his forgiveness before breaking open the former Captain's head and then devoured Abaddas' brain, in order to finally learn the truth of what happened during the Heresy. The former Captain's memories flowed through Magron and he learned everything Abaddas had told him had been a lie. Now with his faith in the Emperor and the Imperium fully restored, Magron left the corpses of Magron and the Dark Apostle, which had been killed by Navigator during the two's duel, and looked for the Rogue Trader and Navigator, but the two were nowhere to be seen.[1e]

Then the Daemonette that had once possessed the Cultist Aegelica, appeared in front of Magron and told him that a Keeper of Secrets had a vital mission for him to do and suddenly transported the Sergeant elsewhere. When Magron recovered his senses he found himself facing a huge crowd of Khorne and Tzeentch worshipers, who stood before the Great Thinker and the Deathbringer. The two Greater Daemons were celebrating their successful endeavor against the Navy fleet and the Great Thinker exclaimed it was going to continue its partnership with the Deathbringer. The Lord of Change hoped to eventually use their partnership to engineer a permanent alliance between Tzeentch and Khorne, but this did not sit well with the Deathbringer's followers or even the Bloodthirster itself. Seeing the unrest amongst the Khorne worshipers, and the danger the two Greater Daemons partnership could pose to the Imperium, Magron suddenly screamed out "Blood for the Blood God!". Though silence at first greeted his exclamation, pandemonium soon erupted as the Deathbringer's followers yelled out "Blood for the Blood God!", as well and turned upon their Tzeentch allies. Even the Deathbringer began attacking the Great Thinker and soon both sides were at each other's throats. With that, the Daemonette pulled Magron back to the world where Abaddas' body lay and thanked the Sergeant for completing the Keeper of Secretes' mission; as an alliance between Tzeentch and Khorne would have worked out badly for the followers of Slaanesh. The Daemonette then departed and Magron set off to find the missing Rogue Trader and Navigator[1e], not realizing that by breaking the alliance between the two Greater Daemons, he had also ended the threat the Emperor had sent him into the Eye to destroy[1c]. After some searching, Magron found Rugolo and Calliden{{Fn|1d} and the three escaped from the Eye, aboard a spaceship. Disaster struck though when they entered the Cadian Gate, as their ship was not able to survive outside of the Eye and quickly disintegrated. However the three were able to survive long enough in their spacesuits{{Fn|1f}, for the Imperial Navy Battleship Rectitude to find them, but when the three told its crew they had just escaped from the Eye, they were taken into custody. While the Rogue Trader and Navigator were interrogated, Magron was imprisoned until the Dark Angels Chapter came to collect him. Seeing that he bore the marks of Khorne upon his power armour, Magron was declared to be a Fallen Angel and was taken to the Chapter's fortress-monastery on The Rock, where he was interrogated. Magron spent months in a cold dungeon, while being tortured by Interrogator-Chaplains and librarians, and gave a full account of his life; from his service during the Great Crusade, to his recent escape from the Eye of Terror. He spared no detail and refused to mitigate his brief fall to the worship of Khorne. When it was determined the Dark Angels Chapter had learned everything they could from Magron, he was allowed to have a last blessing and was then given a quick death.[1c]

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