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Abraxus Ghent

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Abraxus Ghent was one of the functional prototypes of the Space Marine Legionaries, that served as a bridge between them and their Primarchs.[1]

He was among those created from the Primarch Lion El'Jonson's Gene-seed and is the only warrior of his kind, listed in the oldest records of the Imperial Palace Archives. Ghent is also mentioned in an obscure text, written by one of the councilors attending the Emperor, during the Siege of the Imperial Palace. It notes that Ghent, clad in unadorned power armor, fought as part of the rear guard against Horus' forces, while the Emperor and his Primarchs led the assault on the Warmaster's flagship. Ghent's death is not noted in the account, nor does he appear on the lengthy rolls of honor naming the veterans of that climactic battle, either living or dead.[1]


His first name is also spelled as Abrasax, on page 83 of The Horus Heresy Book Nine - Crusade[1]