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Accursed Eternity (Novella)

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Accursed Eternity
Author Sarah Cawkwell
Publisher Black Library
Released November 2016
Collected in Architect of Fate

Cover Description

Space Marines of the Blood Swords and Star Dragons Chapters are enlisted by Inquisitor Remigius of the Ordo Malleus to storm the infamous daemonship known as the Accursed Eternity. But all is not as it first appears, and what should have been a relatively simple mission rapidly devolves into a hellish warp-spawned nightmare - the stage is set for a galaxy-spanning tale of Chaotic intrigue and of a war which has lasted for ten thousand years...[1]


The Balatan System, near the Eye of Terror; specifically, aboard the Star Dragons vessel Ladon, and the ghost-ship Accursed Eternity.



  • Note 1: Captain Tanek commands the 6th company in one timestream, but the 3rd in another.