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Marcus Achallor

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Shield-Captain Achallor[1e]

Marcus Achallor was a Adeptus Custodes Emissaries Imperatus Shield-Captain, who served in Indomitus Crusade Fleet Primus.[1a]

Just before they were to take part in the Battle of Gathalamor, Fleet Primus' High Command became unable to make contact with the Shrine World. Rather than risk the entire Fleet in a possible ambush, a small recon force[1b] led by Shield-Captain Achallor was sent by Tribune Colquan to determine the Battle's status.[1a] However Achallor and his Shield-Host soon became swept up in the battle and deployed in an attempt to stop a Chaos superweapon from devastating Fleet Primus. At the climax of the battle for the weapon, known as the Bone Cannon, Achallor and his Brothers came into battle with Dark Apostle Kar-Gatharr and his Word Bearers. Summoning the powers of Chaos, the Dark Apostle was able to transform himself into a hulking monstrosity. Achallor was slain by Gatharr, though the Dark Apostle was struck down by Imelda Veritas and her Sisters of Battle shortly after.[1c] Achallor's sacrifice allowed the Imperials to disable the Bone Cannon, and in the aftermath of the battle he was proclaimed to be an Imperial Saint. Achallor's remains were buried on Gathalamor.[1d]