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Acolyte Hybrid

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Acolyte Hybrid

Acolyte Hybrids are a type of Genestealer Hybrid. They appear in the first and second generations of infestation.[1]


Repulsive, cruel and possessed of an animal cunning, the Acolyte Hybrids are the foremost disciples of the Genestealer Cult. They are the offspring of the very first hosts to become infected. Though the parents of the Acolyte Hybrids are outwardly whole and sound, part of their mind has been taken over by the Genestealer Curse. Their love for their hideous offspring is even more intense than the usual bond between parents and children. The first generation to be born unto them are twisted beyond recognition; these hybrids appear more like mutant Tyranids than altered humans. Those that reach maturity will flock together and interbreed, producing more generations in their turn.[1]

Those Acolytes closest to the Patriarch form his inner coven – though savage and ferocious, they have a cold intelligence that makes them powerful agents of the cult. Having assimilated an echo of their parent’s brain during gestation, they are able to use complex machinery and weaponry; some even carry industrial tools to battle, wreaking devastation upon the flesh of those who stand before them. Almost all bear not two but three unnaturally powerful alien arms that mark them as the true inheritors of the Patriarch’s curse. Their Genestealer ancestry makes them excellent shock troopers.[1]

The most intelligent and capable of the Acolyte Hybrids will be entrusted with a sacred duty: the bearing of the cult’s colours into battle. These creatures are known as Acolyte Iconwards.[1]

Acolyte Hybrids go into battle with a variety of weapons, many of which are primitive or simply requisitioned mining equipment. These include Autopistols, Hand Flamers, Heavy Rock Cutters, Heavy Rock Drills, Heavy Rock Saws, Lash Whips, Boneswords, Blasting Charges, Demolition Charges, knives, and their own rending claws.[2]

Known Formations of Acolyte Hybrids


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