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Adeptus Mechanicus: Infinite Circuit (Short Story)

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Adeptus Mechanicus: Infinite Circuit
Cover art
Author David Guymer
Publisher Black Library
Series Adeptus Mechanicus
Released May, 2015
Collected in Servants of the Machine-God
Editions 2015 hardcover
:ISBN 9781782516958

Adeptus Mechanicus: Infinite Circuit is a short story by David Guymer, published by Black Library in May, 2015.

Cover Description

Sergeant Borhus and his Deathwatch kill-team are sent to claim a dangerous xenos artefact from their Adeptus Mechanicus allies, to be quarantined by the Inquisition. But a sub-sect of the Cult Mechanicus, headed by the deadly Electro-Priests, venerates the artefact as an example of the Machine God's will, and will stop at nothing to retrieve it. Borhus and his Space Marines face a battle they didn't expect and couldn't possibly have prepared for - and may not survive.

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