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Adeptus Mechanicus: The Zheng Cipher (Short Story)

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Adeptus Mechanicus: The Zheng Cipher
Cover art
Author Josh Reynolds
Publisher Black Library
Series Adeptus Mechanicus
Released April 2015
Pages 22
Collected in Servants of the Machine-God
Crusade + Other Stories (Anthology)
Editions 2015 hardcover
:ISBN 9781782516958

Adeptus Mechanicus: The Zheng Cipher is a short story by Josh Reynolds, published by the Black Library in April 2015.

Cover Description

As the mining world of Kotir-8 falls to the hive fleets of the monstrous alien tyranids, the arrival of a force of skitarii under Alpha Vanguard 6-Friest seems like an Omnissiah-sent miracle to the planet’s battered survivors. But as the radiation-soaked skitarii vanguard hold off the tyranids, their true motives for arriving on Kotir-8 come into question. Are they there to save the people of the planet - or do their Adeptus Mechanicus overseers have something more sinister in mind?

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