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Adeptus Terra

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Symbol of the Adeptus Terra

The Adeptus Terra, also known as the Priesthood of Earth, is the central organisation of the Imperium, to which most of the Imperium's other official departments and organisations belong. Only the Ecclesiarchy, Adeptus Mechanicus,[1] and the Inquisition are not formally a part of the Adeptus Terra, while the Space Marines are only loosely affiliated[1].


Organisation of the Imperial government.[1]

The Adeptus Terra is an umbrella organisation, and not really an organisation in itself, as each of its divisions functions largely autonomously. The most powerful individual in the Adeptus Terra (and if not in theory, then in practice, the entire Imperium) is the Master of the Administratum.[1]

The following are all formally part of the Adeptus Terra[1]