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Adeptus Titanicus II

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Adeptus Titanicus II is the name of a new set of rules for titans following the release of Epic 40,000. It was developed by Gav Thorpe in 2000 and published in the Epic 40,000 Magazine Issue 1.[1a]

Adeptus Titanicus II[1]
Designer Gav Thorpe[1]
Released 2000[1]
Scale 6mm
Players 2+
Preceded by Epic 40,000
Followed by Epic Armageddon


At first, it was claimed that these new rules replace those for titans in the Epic 40,000 (1997) rulebook [1a].

The new rules sparkled much debates in the columns of the Epic 40,000 Magazine, and Jervis Johnson eventually announced that Epic and Titanicus would now be developped as two separate game systems.[3a]

The rules were made available online on the Epic website.[3b]


  • Introduction
  • Titan Characteristics
  • Titan Guns
  • Titan Close Combat weapons
  • Sequence of Play
  • Shooting
  • The Assault Phase
  • Close Combat
  • Advanced Rules
  • Integrating Adeptus Titanicus into Epic 40,000
  • Scenarios


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