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Adina Sabine

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Queen Adina Sabine is the current Matriarch Primus of Necromunda's House Escher and resides in Hive Primus.[1]

Though she is young and has only recently attained rulership of her Clan House, Adina had prepared for the role since the very day of her birth. However in the first days of her reign, the Queen had to contend with a major incursion by House Goliath into Escher's Hive Primus industrial holdings, which bordered the rival Clan House's territory. House Goliath had planned for their attack to destabilize Adina's rule, but the young Queen proved to be a natural leader. After she successfully lobbied the ruling House Helmawr for leave to launch a counter-incursion, Adina led Escher's forces deep into House Goliath's territory and ended the crisis in short order.[2]