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An adjutant (otherwise referred to as an adj-officer[4b] or aide[5]) is a trooper in the Imperial Guard assigned to act as a non-ranking second to an officer. In this capacity the adjutant acts as a conduit for the officer's orders, as well as dealing with any additional assigned responsibilities, from secretarial roles to batman duties or even standing-in for the officer at briefings. Some adjuntants act as vox-operators in addition to their other duties.[2][4a][4b][6]

The exact authority and privileges accorded to adjutants assigned to Commissars is somewhat ambiguous as they are often enlisted Troopers seconded to their charge, however they act on behalf of a member of the Commissariat who are outside the chain of command. This can allow them to some measure of authority over officers of a much higher rank.[5]

Notable Adjutants

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