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Adrathic Weapon

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Adrathic Weapons are a type of disintegration weapon used by the Adeptus Custodes and Sisters of Silence.

These are relics dating back to the Dark Age of Technology and are believed to be unique to Terra. They use dangerously unstable but powerful energy beams to sever the internal bonds of matter, causing objects in their path to unravel. The only evidence that the victim existed is a flaring after-image of what was. Such weapons were legend during the Age of Strife and were prized by the Techno-Barbarians of Terra. When the Emperor emerged he had all Adrathic Weapons given to him on pain of death. These weapons were then issued to his trusted Custodians and are used against the deadliest foes. The technology behind Adrathic weapons is even kept from the Mechanicum.[1]