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Adrax Agatone

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Adrax Agatone[4]

Adrax Agatone is the current Captain of the Salamanders Chapter's Third Company.[1]


Said to be the most similar to Vulkan of any other Salamanders in centuries, Agatone is both a superb warrior and craftsman. In sheer merciless pragmatism, however, he could not be further from the Primarch. Agatone lives by the creed of the greater good, even if cruelty is required in achieving it. With unshakable moral certitude, Agatone is disgusted by honest ideals twisted to violent and heretical purposes. Thus, he has sworn that no matter how dark the deeds of the 3rd Company must be, he will never suffer his warriors to become the tools of tyrants and oppressors.[4]

Since assuming his Captaincy, Agatone has led the Company into some of the most horrific battles witnessed by the Salamanders in millennia. In battle he is a focused force of pure destruction, wielding the mighty Thunder Hammer Malleus Noctum and the Hand Flamer Drakkis, both weapons he himself created.[4]


Adrax Agatone[3]

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