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Advance Team Starpulse

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Advance Team Starpulse set[1]

The Advance Team Starpulse are a Tau special force and one of the supplement bands for Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team, Second Edition (2018). They consists of 10-man set of Fire Warriors and 2 MV7 Marker Drones.[1]


The armies of Vior'la Sept are always at the forefront of the T'au's wars of expansion, overwhelming enemies of the Greater Good with blistering fusillades of pulse fire. Advance Team Starpulse is comprised of veterans from these bloody campaigns, bonded by hardship and sacrifice.[1]

The sourcebook

Advance Team Starpulse (Sourcebook) cover

The Advance Team Starpulse sourcebook contains detailed background about the team.


  • Introduction
  • Mark the Target - a short story about the Kill-Team
  • Team Starpulse - background
  • Bonded in Fire - history of the numerous victories of the Advance Team Starpulse

Members of the Team