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Aegida is a large space station orbiting the world of Sotha currently acting as the Fortress-Monastery of the Scythes of the Emperor.[1b]

Aegida is an ancient orbital dating back to at least the Great Crusade. It was originally used by the Ultramarines and was a frontier defense post of early Ultramar. Defended by the 199th Company of the Legion, the Platform was captured by the Night Lords in the early stages of the Battle of Sotha but subsequently reclaimed.[2a] After the Heresy, Aegida and Sotha were put under the control of the Scythes of the Emperor.[1a]

Ten thousand years later Aegida was overrun by Tyranid forces during the fall of Sotha. However during the Age of the Dark Imperium Sotha was reclaimed by the Imperium, and under the auspices of Tetrarch Decimus Felix the platform has been declared the new Fortress-Monastery of the reborn Scythes of the Emperor.[1b]