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Ael Wyntor

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Ael Wyntor was the name of a Eldar-Human hybrid created by Malcador the Sigillite.

Originally a pure-blooded Eldar, he was discovered in the Webway portal near the Imperial Palace. He was still alive, but his soul was fading. Malcador subsequently cloned him and combined his DNA with that of Human components. Taking the name Ael Wyntor, he became a servant of Malcador. The Sigillite would confide in him his deepest and darkest secrets, including the truth behind the Horus Heresy. The knowledge would drive Wyntor mad, and he repeatedly killed himself only to be cloned by Malcador again. This processed repeated itself hundreds of times. Wyntor's clones began degrading into insanity faster and faster. However shortly before the Siege of Terra, he learned the truth of his existence but was subsequently brainwashed by Malcador, who stated he didn't need someone to confide his secrets to anymore. Wyntor took on a new purpose, and later appeared before those Knights-Errant who would go on to found the Grey Knights, activating a Webway Portal to allow them passage to Titan.[1]