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Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command

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Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command
Developer Binary Planets
Publisher Green Man Gaming Publishing
Released May 2020
Genre Simultaneous Turn-Based Strategy

Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command is a 2020 turn-based strategy PC game by Binary Planets. It allows users to command a squadron of Imperial or Ork aircraft in a number of pre-written scenarios from the Invasion of Rynn's World. Players can also embark on a longer campaign of randomly-generated missions as the Imperial Navy.[1]


Each scenario may be played as either the Imperial Navy or the Ork Air Waaagh!. Scenarios are available in single-player (vs. AI) and multi-player (online) modes.[1]

  • Bandits Over the Hellblades: Ork Fightas intercept a Thunderbolt training flight from 'Vanquish' Squadron of the 301st Fighter Wing over the Hellblade Mountains[3a]
  • The Straggler: Orks attempt to intercept a damaged Marauder Bomber[3a]
  • Behind Enemy Lines: Imperial Valkyries attempt to extract Guard ground forces after a reconnaissance mission in the Arclan Basin[3a]
  • Clash of Aces: Patrols led by Aces Richter Dagor-Jarni and Da Black Barun duel in the skies above the Great Scarp[3a]
  • Hunkered Down: Ork aircraft attempt to annihilate the crew of a crashed Marauder south of Mirror Lake[3a]
  • Bladefoot: Dakka Da Slugga's bomma skwadron launches an attack against the 'Bladefoot' supply base in the Hellblade Mountains[3a]
  • Battle for Arcalan Basin: the Orks pursue a retreating Imperial armoured column across the Arcalan Basin by land and air[3a]
  • Killision: Ork fighta-bommers carrying deadly grot bomms intercept Marauders of the 879th Bomber Wing during Operation Fading Light, an attempt to bombard the massed Ork forces east of the Anshar Mountains[3a]
  • Surgakill Strike: Ork aircraft transport an elite group of [Nobz] to assault an Imperial air base supporting ground operations in the Arcalan Basin [3a]
  • A Hill to Die On: the Imperials launch Operation Light's Dawn to land the Arvus Lighters of the Stygian Skulls on Hill 112-16, escorted by Thunderbolts from the 103rd Fighter Wing[3a] (added in the Skulls Pack DLC)[2]


The game's campaign mode sees the player vie for air superiority over Rynn's World through a string of randomly-generated missions. Over the course of the campaign, players may level up Navy pilots as they gain experience. The campaign feature is available only for the Imperial Navy.[1]

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  • Skulls Pack — introduced the scenario A Hill to Die On[2]

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