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Aeronautica Imperialis (2019)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the 2019 tabletop game; for the other uses, see Aeronautica Imperialis (disambiguation).

Aeronautica Imperialis is a miniatures tabletop game of Aerial Combat in the Universe of Warhammer 40000, released in 2019. It is a relaunch of the original Aeronautica Imperialis 2006 game.[1]

Aeronautica Imperialis (2019)
Manufacturer Games Workshop
Released 2019
Scale 8mm
Players 2


Aeronautica Imperialis brings the high-velocity aerial combat of the 41st Millennium to your tabletop. Designed to recreate the sheer speed and tactical tension of skyborne warfare, this new system is compact, fast-paced and fine-tuned – turning every tabletop dogfight into both a thrilling spectacle and a worthy test of wits. Only requiring a handful of models to play, Aeronautica Imperialis is ideal for the hobbyist on the go. Regardless of your time or space, you’ll find it easy to squeeze in a game.[1]


Aeronautica Imperialis hex grid[4]

Aeronautica Imperialis is played on a hex-grid, called the area of engagement. [2]

Tokens are used for keeping track of your aircraft between activations (the game uses alternating activations) and noting just who is where and doing what at a glance. You’ll also use them to mark Ace Manoeuvres[2]

In Aeronautica Imperialis, movement is represented by dives, banking turns and sudden aerial acrobatics. Rather than move normally, each turn will see you and your opponent secretly pick Ace Manoeuvres for your craft before revealing and executing them.[2]

This adds a strategic layer to the game where you try and work out just what your enemy has planned while getting yourself in the best possible position to enact your own plans. [2]


Aeronautica Imperialis (2019) miniatures base[3]

The new models are designed at an 8mm scale, the same as the recently-rebooted Adeptus Titanicus, as opposed to the 6mm miniatures of the Original 2006 version[2]

They were designed by the team behind Adeptus Titanicus (2018) to recreate icons of the 41st Millennium on a compact scale without losing charm or detail.[1]


Combining a traditional flying stand, pre-marked with firing arcs and containing trackers for Speed and Altitude, they’ll ensure your models are easy to game with. Thanks to the ball-jointed stem, you’ll also be able to pose them in all manner of exciting dynamic poses – climbing, dropping, banking or whatever else you fancy.[3]

Box sets

Expansion Rulebooks