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Aeronautica Imperialis (game)

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Aeronautica Imperialis is a tabletop game produced by Forge World and represents aerial combat between two opposing forces in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.


Aeronautica Imperialis is a tabletop game which uses 6mm scale models to represent the various aircraft and ground based anti-aircraft weapons of the opposing forces. Although this is the same model scale as the

Epic game system the two are not compatible as the game mechanics and table top scales are quite different.

Aeronautica Imperialis

Aeronautica Imperialis
Manufacturer Forge World
Designer Warwick Kinrade
Released 2006
Scale 6mm
Players 2+
The core rule book was released in 2006 and was broken up into the following sections:
  • The Aeronautica Imperialis Rules
  • Aircraft Datasheets
  • Imperial Navy Aircraft
  • Space Marine Aircraft
  • Ork Aircraft
  • Tau Aircraft
  • Eldar Aircraft
  • Chaos Aircraft
  • Scenarios
Thirteen scenarios, or missions, are provided together as well as a campaign system.
  • Appendices
Quick reference sheets for all the aircraft in the game plus a gallery of painted miniatures and themed terrain boards with some tips for modelling and painting them.

Tactica Aeronautica

Aeronautica Imperialis
Manufacturer Forge World
Designer Warwick Kinrade
Released 2007
Scale 6mm
Players 2+
Tactica Aeronautica was the only supplement released for the Aeronautica Imperialis game and introduced new aircraft, some additional variants for craft from the original game, plus army specific upgrades. The main addition to the game introduced by this book was an expansion of the original campaign system and came with a lengthy narrative of an aerial war fought between the Imperial Navy and the Tau on Typha-IV
  • New Aircraft
Although sharing the same name as the Ork Bommer in the Warhammer 40,000 Death from the Skies supplement it is a very different aircraft, being much larger and slower.
  • Squadron Lists
The Squadron List collected together all of the aircraft from the original Aeronautica Imperialis rulebook with the new aircraft, variants and upgrades introduced by Tactica Aeronautica.
  • Datasheets
Datasheets for the new aircraft and variants introduced by Tactica Aeronautica.
  • Typha-IV Campaign
The section starts off with a 42 page narrative detailing the campaign fought between the Imperial Navy and the Tau on Typha-IV. The campaign system is presented as an alternative to that in the original Aeronautica Imperialis rulebook and is modeled on the actions that take place on Typha-IV.
  • Scenarios
In addition to new scenarios an expansion to the rules for ground targets is provided together with a Step-by-Step guide to modelling and painting an Imperial Airbase by Phil Stutcinskas.
  • Battle Report
Raid on Supply Base Theta-Nine-Four is written in the same style as the regular White Dwarf Battle Reports and is based on an engagement between the Tau and the Imperial Navy during the Taros Campaign.
  • Tactica Aeronautica
A brief discussion on tactics plus a Q&A for the Aeronautica Imperialis rulebook and finally some Designer's Notes by Warwick Kinrade.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Wings of Vengeance

Aeronautica Imperialis: Wings of Vengeance
Manufacturer Forge World
Released 2019
Scale 8mm[2]
Players 2+

Aeronautica Imperialis: Wings of Vengeance is a 2019 update of the Aeronautica Imperialis system. In Aeronautica Imperialis, you’ll be able to unleash your inner wing commander with a brand-new range of intricate and beautiful models. These were designed by the team behind Adeptus Titanicus to recreate icons of the 41st Millennium like the Dakkajet and the Thunderbolt on a compact scale without losing charm or detail. Offering fresh new opportunities for painters and modellers, these multipart plastic models will form the foundations of a new range Games Workshop will be supporting for years to come.[1]

The new models are designed at an 8mm scale, the same as the recently-rebooted Adeptus Titanicus.[2]

Expansion rulebooks, Aeronautica Imperialis: Rynn's World Air War, Aeronautica Imperialis: Taros Air War, and Aeronautica Imperialis: Wrath of Angels have also been released.