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Aeronautica Imperialis Game Rulebook

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the 2006' tabletop game; for the other uses, see Aeronautica Imperialis (disambiguation).

Aeronautica Imperialis Game Rulebook
Author(s) Warwick Kinrade
Editor(s) Forge World
Released 2006
Followed by Aeronautica Imperialis: Tactica Aeronautica

Aeronautica Imperialis Game Rulebook, Aerial Combat in the 41st Millenium, is the the core rulebook for the first Edition of Aeronautica Imperialis (game). It was released in 2006.


The book is divided into the following sections :

The Aeronautica Imperialis Rules

  • The Turn
  • Movement
  • Firing
  • End Phase
  • Advanced Rules
  • Squadron Lists

Aircraft Datasheets

Imperial Navy Aircraft

Space Marine Aircraft

Ork Aircraft

Tau Aircraft

Eldar Aircraft

Chaos Aircraft


Thirteen scenarios, or missions, are provided together as well as a campaign system.


Quick reference sheets for all the aircraft in the game plus a gallery of painted miniatures and themed terrain boards with some tips for modelling and painting them.


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