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The Aesrumnír was a Battleship in service with the Space Wolves Legion, acting as the flagship for Dekk-Tra.[1a]


The Aresrumnír took part in the Dulan Campaign, battling with the Faash navy in the Ynniu System. At this time, its shipmaster was Arif Redeye.[1a]

Later in the Campaign, the Space Wolves fleet tracked the location of the planet Dulan, only to find that the Dark Angels Legion had managed to reach Dulan before them and that the Dark Angels had engaged the Faash space navy in a vicious void battle. The Space Wolves' vessels, including the Aesrumnír, charged forward to engage the Faash ships. Despite repeated hails from the Dark Angels, the Aesrumnír targeted and destroyed a Faash cruiser, inadvertently killing a Dark Angels detachment that had boarded the vessel. This resulted in the Dark Angels Battle Cruiser Blade of Numarc firing on the Aesrumnír, heavily damaging and almost destroying it. It was only the personal intervention of Leman Russ that prevented the conflict from escalating further.[1b]



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