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Aethon Heavy Sentinel

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Aethon profile[1]

The Aethon Heavy Sentinel was a heavy combat walker used by the Imperial Army during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

While the Sentinels of the 41st Millennium are simple and easily mass-produced, the Solar Auxilia had access to more advanced variants during the time of the early Imperium.[2] A combination of speed, mobility, and firepower, the Aethon was widely used for reconnaissance and flanking maneuverings, allowing squadrons to race through dense terrain and hit enemy vehicles on their sides. During the Horus Heresy, it became popular with the Solar Auxilia, putting up a respectable fight against Astartes Outriders and Jetbikes. So great was the prestige of these machines that only veterans of dedicated pioneer companies were selected to pilot them, ensuring that each pilot in a patrol was experienced at tracking enemy forces, assessing local terrain, and thwarting ambushes. However, its commendable performance was offset by high fuel and ammunition consumption. These issues kept the Aethon reserved for flanking and tactical interdiction. [1]

As befitting its name, the Aethon Heavy Sentinel was more heavily armored than its standard counterpart, sporting a Multi-laser and two Missle Pods.[1] Additional weapons options include an Autocannon, Melta-Lance, Volkite Culverin, and Heavy Flamers.[2]



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