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Age of Redemption

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The Age of Redemption is a period in the history of the Imperium starting at roughly 020.M37 and ending at 034.M38.[1] It followed the catastrophic period in Imperial history known as the Age of Apostasy.[1]


The Age of Redemption was a period of fierce religious fervor in the Imperium. The Imperial Cult grew in power as never before and enormous numbers of suspected Heretics were rounded up and executed. Crusade after Crusade was launched to recapture the squandered wealth of the Imperium lost in the Age of Apostasy. However as the fervor peaked and these many wars of faith were launched, large numbers of worlds were left with inadequate defenses and Imperial Guard Regiments and Space Marine Chapters were increasingly drawn into longer and more terrible crusades. The result would be a period known as The Waning in which the military forces of the Imperium, exhausted by long Crusades, found themselves unable to defend against the encroachment of Orks, Chaos insurgencies, and internal strife.[1]

Notable Events