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Agrippan was a Venerable Dreadnought of the Ultramarines Chapter, who fell heroically during the last stage of the Damnos Incident, in 973.M41.


A member of First Captain Agemman's elite 1st Company, Agrippan was temporarily attached to Captain Sicarius's 2nd Company when its flagship, the Valin's Revenge, intercepted a distress call from Damnos, which was being overrun by awakening Necrons. Some members of the 2nd Company whispered that Agemman was growing nervous, possibly even jealous, of Sicarius's growing renown in Ultramar and posted Agrippan to keep an eye on the younger Captain.[2]

During Sicarius's furious attack on the main body of the attacking Necrons, Sicarius was struck down by the warscythe of the Necron Lord known as The Undying. His Command Squad closed ranks and protected his body, while Agrippan smashed through the Lord's bodyguard of Immortals, then destroyed the Lord with a single blow from his Power fist causing the Necrons to retreat.[1b] With Sicarius incapacitated, Agrippan assumed command of the 2nd Company, along with Chief Librarian Varro Tigurius. Agrippan commanded the pursuit of the retreating Necrons, but, based on Tigurius's report, Agrippan had to concede that the Necrons hopelessly outnumbered the Imperial forces, and all the Ultramarines could do was defend the evacuation of the planet.[1a]

While the city of Kellenport's defenses were fortified, Agrippan directed a series of surgical counter-attacks to slow the Necrons' advance.[1a] When the Necrons finally reached the walls of Kellenport, Agrippan and Tigurius were always to be found in the thick of the action, inspiring the defenders to new feats of heroism and buying precious time for the evacuees. Agrippan single-handedly held the city's western gates alone for three hours, tearing apart the first Monolith to appear on the battlefield even after receiving a grievous wound from it.[1b]

Agrippan stayed at his post until the very last Thunderhawks descended to evacuate the remaining defenders – forty Space Marines and twenty Imperial Guardsmen.[1b] Finally, the Venerable Dreadnought was the last Ultramarine on the surface. As the Thunderhawks sped away, Agrippan was pinned down by a dozen streams of heavy gauss cannon fire, but as he died, his reactor went critical, triggering an explosion that obliterated the spaceport and every last Necron within it.[1b]

Canon Conflicts

Agrippan's name is spelled thus in Codex: Space Marines (5th Edition)[1a], but spelled "Agrippen" in Nick Kyme's Fall of Damnos (Novel).[2]

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