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Ahazra Redth

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Now Chief Librarian of the Mantis Warriors and one of the greatest librarians in the Chapter's history, Ahazra Redth had always shown great promise. He was born on the desert planet Tranquility-III. When he was but a boy, he was early promised as a psyker, so his parents took him on a perilous journey across the Valley of the Nine Winds to present him to the Space Marines of the Mantis Warriors for judgement. Although he was still too young to begin the transformation, the Librarians sensed a measure of what was in store for the boy and began training his mind even before he began the initiation process.[1]

His time as a scout allowed Redth to hone his abilities in prognostication, often leading him to improve upon plans laid out by far older and more experienced Battle-Brothers. Upon joining the Librarium, his powers grew immensely, earning him a reputation as both an expert tactician and master of prophecy. His skills in both became such that no one distrusted his word and eventually he became known as the "Dust Prophet" to his Chapter.[1]

In the Badab War, it was his leadership that allowed his brethren to survive against the storm of battle.[1]

Another title of Ahazra Redth is "Guardian of the Endymion Cluster"[1]

In battle he wears the relic Talisman of Sundered Souls.[1]