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Cabal of Ahriman

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The Cabal of Ahriman was a group of powerful sorcerers in the Thousand Sons legion brought together to cast a spell called the Rubric of Ahriman, a spell which transformed the majority of the Thousand Sons into soulless automatons.


During the Burning of Prospero a genetic mutation within the Thousand Sons Legion surfaced.[1a] This mutation had not been seen since prior to the reunion of the Legion with their Primarch, Magnus.[1b] Once Magnus and the Thousand Sons fled to the Planet of the Sorcerers, Ahriman had found a spell in the Book of Magnus which he called the Rubric. He thought this spell could cure the Legion of this mutation, but he needed the help of Hathor Maat, Sobek and Amon to make the spell work.[1c] They originally refused to help Ahriman, but once Magnus ascended to become a Daemon Prince, they then agreed.[2]

When the Rubric was cast, the Legion was simultaneously saved and doomed. Although the mutation was stopped, those Space Marines that had little or no psychic powers were reduced to piles of dust inside their power armour.[2] Magnus then exiled Ahriman and his Cabal from the legion.[2] [3x]

Known Members of the Cabal of Ahriman

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