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Ahriman: Key of Infinity (Audio Drama)

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Ahriman: Key of Infinity
Author John French
Performer John Banks, Steve Conlin, Jonathan Keeble, Saul Reichlin
Publisher Black Library
Series Ahriman
Released December 2017
Length 18 minutes

Ahriman: Key of Infinity is an audio drama by John French

Cover Description

On the warship Messenger of Hermes, Ahzek Ahriman and his servant Ignis study a most unusual prisoner – a metal construct containing the consciousness of a member of a long extinct race – the necrontyr. As they interrogate the necron Setekh, he is also learning about them – over and over again as he uses ancient techonology to relive the moment and plot his escape. Will he succeed, or will Ahriman prevail?


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