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Aika 73

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Aika 73 was an Imperial Army Leman Russ Battle Tank that served in the First Terran Armoured Regiment during the last stages of the Siege of Terra.[1e]


This page contains spoilers for: Warhawk (Novel)

It was created on the Forge World Ryza and originally served in the Jadda 12th Armoured Regiment. Commanded by Talvet Kaska, the Aika 73 and its crew fought alongside the Jadda 12th in the Siege of Terra[1c]. This suddenly ended, though, after the Imperial Palace's inner walls, fell to the invaders. This led the White Scars Primarch, Jaghatai Khan, to begin his plan to reclaim the captured Lion's Gate Space Port from Death Guard. However, he knew the White Scars could not do so alone and began seeking other forces to aid them. Because of the diseases spread by the Traitor Legion, though, the Khan needed a force that was capable of fighting in a toxic environment. He began seeking aid from Imperial forces and asked the White Scars' loyal ally Ilya Ravallion, for help due to her ties to the Imperial Army[1b]. She succeeded[1d] and the Aika 73[1e] was among the large number of Battle Tanks and Super Heavy Tanks gathered to aid the White Scars. These vehicles were then amalgamated together and reclassified as the First Terran Armoured[1d]. The Aika 73 then became a part of the new Regiment's Sixth Battalion and served in its 16th Squadron.[1e]

The White Scars and First Terran Armoured then successfully reclaimed the Lion's Gate Space Port, from the Death Guard. The Aika 73 and its crew survived the battle and afterwards the Leman Russ Battle Tank was charged with a vital task. The White Scars' Primarch, Jaghatai Khan, had been slain during his duel with his Brother Mortarion, which had left his body horrifically damaged. Being that it was nearby and the right size to safely carry him, the Aika 73 bore the Khan's body to the Space Port's ground level[1f]. There it was approached by the White Scars' ally Ilya Ravallion, who could not believe Jaghatai was dead. This led her to climb aboard the Aika 73 and touch the Primarch. To her shock, Ravallion discovered that he still showed very faint signs of life. The Primarch was then immediately taken from the Leman Russ Battle Tank and rushed to the Imperial Palace, in order to save his life. Afterwards, the Aika 73 and its crew aided the White Scars and First Terran Armoured in securing the Lion's Gate Space Port[1g]. As they did so, the Leman Russ' Tank Commander, Talvet Kaska, noticed that Jaghatai Khan's blood was covering the Aika 73's hull. He wanted to remove the blood, but refrained from doing so, as Kaska felt the White Scars would take offense and stop him.[1h]

Known Crew During the Siege of Terra