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Ailean was an Exodite Warlock who served the King of Lughnasa.[1]

One day he was granted a vision of a great bird that would deliver warriors to Lughnasa who searched for the sword of power that lay within the Martyr's Tomb. To try to stop them, he called two of the great dragonlords of Lughnasa - Martainn of the Seana and Barra of the Eamann - to fight alongside him and defend the temple. Despite the animosity between Martainn and Barra, the two agreed to fight against the invaders. This was not enough, however. Despite the efforts of the Dragon Knights and the Warlock's own illusions, Interrogator-Chaplain Uzziel penetrated the tomb, intending to take the sword. Ailean engaged the Space Marine in a duel, but was defeated and killed.[1]