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Akashic Reader

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The Akashic Reader is a device that was created by members of the Adeptus Mechanicus.


This page contains spoilers for: Mechanicum (Novel)

Adept Koriel Zeth held a special interest in the creation of the reader as she believed that it held the key to attaining the sum of all knowledge. It worked by accessing the information of the Akashic which was located within the Warp and required a powerful empath as well as a large amount of Psykers pouring their energy into the user located within a throne. It also utilized the Astronomican to supplement the amount of physic energy that was needed to complete the experiment. It was believed that by accessing the Akashic, an individual was capable of accessing the sum total of all knowledge in the universe.

Adept Zeth used the unique innovative skills of Dalia Cythera to create the reader. As well as a team of other similarly skilled individuals. After the final preparations had been made to the Akashic Reader an empath was placed in the throne. When the Astronomican came into the path of Mars the experiment began as mass amounts of physic energy poured into the empath, ultimately destroying his physical form. They were able to recover some information before the empath was incinerated and he had a brief exchange with Dalia before he passed into the warp. However, during the Martian civil war at the start of the Horus Heresy Adept Zeth decided to destroy it rather than allow it to fall into the hands of the Dark Mechanicum.[1]