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Alajos was the Master of the 9th Order of the Dark Angels Legion during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1][2a] A skilled duellist, within his Legion only Merir Astelan and Corswain had ever beaten him in the sparring circles.[1]


Great Crusade

By the time of the Dulan Campaign in 870.M30, Alajos had served in the Dark Angels Legion for half a century[2c] and achieved the rank of Chapter Master.[2a] During the battle, he and the Paladins of the 9th Order served as their primarch Lion El'Jonson's honour guard. He cautioned against the Lion making a teleport strike against the Crimson Fortress, advising that the primarch should at least contact the Space Wolves first to find out why they were delayed. Unable to reach Leman Russ, he and the paladins joined the Lion in the teleport strike and was present when Russ and the Lion fought. When Russ went to pick up his fallen chainsword, Krakenmaw, Alajos barred his way and the Wolf King took his axe, Urthand instead, back-handing the Chapter Master to the ground.[2b]

At some point, Alajos duelled Sevatar of the Night Lords at Kruun. Not wearing a helm for the duel, Alajos lost most of his face to Sevatar's chain glaive.[1]

Horus Heresy

Two years into the Thramas Crusade, Alajos along with his Paladin-Captain Corswain served as the bodyguards for Lion El'Jonson in the meeting between their primarch and Konrad Curze on Tsagualsa. When the two primarchs came to blows, Alajos and Corswain fought the Night Haunter's respective guards, Sevatar and Sheng. While protecting the Lion, Alajos was decapitated by Sevatar.[1]