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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Grey Knight Justicar. For other uses of Alaric, see Alaric (disambiguation).
Justicar Alaric[4]

Alaric is a Justicar of the Grey Knights.


This page contains spoilers for: Grey Knights (Novel Series)

Trail of Saint Evisser

Alaric had been promoted to the rank of Justicar for two years before he was given control of any notable action. His first major command occurred when Inquisitor Ligeia requested assistance from the Grey Knights. She had discovered that The Prince of a Thousand Faces, also known as Ghargatuloth, was attempting to remanifest after a thousand year banishment. The daemon had first been banished by a force of Grey Knights led by Grand Master Mandulis on the Chaos held world of Khorion IX. This discovery was made after a strike force led by fellow Inquisitor Nyxos had apprehended a rogue Inquisitor named Gholic Ren-Sar Valinov. Valinov had in his possession a librum called Codicium Aeternum. This librum stated that the Emperor's Tarot predicted that the daemon would resurface somewhere on the Trail of Saint Evisser. Justicar Alaric had taken part in the raid that captured Ren-Sar Valinov, but was severly wounded; this allowed him to be present during this request, making him the obvious leader to assist Inquisitor Ligeia. Most of the chapter had already been committed to the struggle at the Eye of Terror and the Thirteenth Black Crusade forcing Grand Master Tencendur to only commit a small strike force to assist Inquisitor Ligea.[1a]

Alaric commanded a strike force consisting of a Terminator squad led by Justicar Tancred and two Tactical squads led by justicars Genhain and Santoro. The Grey Knights chapter assigned him the Rubicon strike cruiser to traverse the Imperium.[1a] Upon reaching the trail, the Rubicon made directly for the planet Trepytos.[1b]

Victrix Sonora

Inquisitor Ligeia directed Alaric to the Agri-World of Victrix Sonora where a Administratum complex had fallen to cultists. The Adeptus Arbites had already surrounded the complex when the Grey Knights arrived. Alaric decided to assist the arbites to storm the building. After a short but intense firefight, the Grey Knights break into the building to discover a Chaos sorcerer protecting a Chaos infested cogitator which printed spools of paper reguarding the rise of the Prince of a Thousand faces. It was also surrounded by strange wooden statues. Alaric collected some of the papers and one statue in order to return it to Ligeia for study, the rest he ordered burned before it could corrupt any of the valiant arbites.[1c]

Sophano Secundus

The statue would lead the Grey Knights to the Feudal World of Sophano Secundus. Ligeia commanded the Grey Knights stay on the Rubicon while she spoke with the current priest at the Imperial mission on the planet. After a warp storm erupts around the capital city of Hadjisheim, Alaric takes his srike force to the planet. Alaric takes his squads aboard two Thunderhawk Gunships to retrieve the Inquisitor and purge the cult from Sophano Secundus. During the purge, the two Thunderhawks are lost to sabotage. The Grey Knights were successful in rescuing the Inquisitor.[1d]

Inquisitor Ligeia eventually succumbs to her studies of the Prince of a Thousand Faces, leaving Alaric alone to discover how best to defeat the daemon. Alaric decides that the best place to look is at the Saint himself. The strike force travels to Farfallen to the Hall of Remembrance to collect information on Evisser. During this he discovers that Evisser was never canonized as a saint, and that he was from a corrupted planet.[1e]

Volcanis Ultor

Alaric eventually learns that the saint was buried on the planet Volcanis Ultor. Alaric learns that Valinov has escaped the Inquisition prison on Mimas and taken over the defense Volcanis Ultor posing as an Inquisitor. He succeeds in convincing the entire defense group that the Grey Knights are traitor marines, pitting the Imperial forces agianst the Grey Knights. The defense included members of the Imperial Guard ranging from the Balurian heavy infantry, Methalor 12th Scout Regiment, and the 197th Jhannian Assault Regiment and sisters of the Order of the Bloody Rose. After Valinov assumed control, The Rubicon departed from Warp Space to find an Imperial blockade. The strike force had to fight its way to the planet in order for the Grey Knights to make planetfall. The Rubicon is destroyed by the Unmerciful, Holy Flame, and the Absolution Beta. The defense lines around Hive Superior were decimated as debris rained down from the destroyed ship. The Grey Knights used this cover to strike at the lines in order to reach a factory on Lake Rapax where Evisser was buried. After a brief but bloody battle with the sisters, the Canoness recognized that the Grey Knights were not in fact traitors and vowed to help them cleanse the taint from the trail.[1f]

Shrine of Saint Evisser

After fighting through many cultists, the Grey Knights and the Sisters of Battle square off agianst the corrupted Saint Evisser. Justicar Tancred wades in with the sword of Mandulis attempting to banish the daemon before he fully manifests. Tancred succeeds in striking a killing blow to the body of the saint by beheading him. This only serves to complete the manifestation of the daemon. As the daemon begins to fully manifest, he speaks directly to Alaric promising him that he will break him and make him the first Grey Knight to fall to the dark powers. When confronted with this, Alaric responds by speaking the daemon's True Name binding him to Alaric and weakening him, allowing the rest of the Imperial forces to come together and destroy his corperal body, thus banishing the Prince of a Thousand Faces for another one thousand years.[1g]


Alaric and his squad are once again called on by Inquisitor Nyxos to investigate an unknown planet that has suddenly appeared in the Borosis System in the Ultima Segmentum. Immediately after looking at the planet Alaric feels the forces of Chaos at work. While investigating the planet from space aboard the Tribunicia, the Adeptus Mechanicus explorator ship Exemplar joins the Imperial blockade claiming complete jurisdiction over the planet. The Adeptus Mechanicus expedition is under the command of Archmagos Saphentis. After a short briefing, Alaric is given overall command and leads a force consisting of his squad, Interrogator Hawkespur and a force representing the Adeptus Mechanicus.[Needs Citation]


The shuttle containing the strike force is shot down while attempting to land. Alaric leads the remaining force through the city in order to locate some form of data link to collect information about where they are and what they are facing. Through the journey he learns from the Archmagos that the planet is a Forge World called Chaeroneia and that it has been missing for a century, but that all of the data on the planet states that it is actually sometime in the late 42nd millennium.[2]

Magos Antigonus

After coming in conflict with corrupted members of the Adeptus Mechanicus, Alaric and his team are forced to accept assistance from a strange servitor. The servitor later reveals itself to be the Magos Antigonus. Alaric learns that Antigonus with the help of a few other lower ranking members of the Adeptus Mechanicus have been orchestrating a rebellion against the corruption that has taken over. Alaric, Hawkespur and both Archmagos and Magos attempt to get word of the corruption to Inquisitor Nyxos via a communications tower on the planet. Inquisitor Nyxos informs the strike force that a chaos fleet led by the Hellforger has emerged from the warp to answer the call of the planet.The two magos deduct that the force is facing a hidden secret from the Horus Heresy called the Dark Adeptus.[2]


Alaric learns of a large power output coming from the acid wastes on the planet. This power output is in the same direction of the daemonic presence that he felt in orbit. Alaric convinces Antigonus to assist his force in destroying what they can of the Dark Adeptus before the Chaos fleet reaches the planet. Upon reaching the acid wastes, they find a large titanworks. As the force attempts to sabotage the works they are attacked by Archmagos Veneratus Scraecos, a Dark Adeptus. After defeating the forces of Scraecos, the Grey Knights face a large and unidentified Titan.[2]

The Castigator

Alaric is separated from his remaining Grey Knights as they attempt to board the titan, and eventually makes his way to the head of the large titan. Here he discovers that the Titan is actually built around a STC, or Standard Template Construct for the "Castigor-class autonomous bipedal weapons platform, created for fire support and siege operations". After a brief exchange, Alaric learns that the STC has been possessed by a daemon, but it has been asleep for so long that it still thinks that it is the STC Castigator or the father of all titans. Alaric convinces the STC that it is really a daemon allowing him to fight it. While he is fighting the daemon, the remainder of his squad set about destroying the titan created by the STC to deny the forces of chaos a chance to claim it. Alaric slays the daemon and his Grey Knights destroy the Titan enraging the Chaos Fleet, who in turn destroy the titanworks, and then return to the Eye of Terror to report. This saves the much battered Imperial Fleet who recover Alaric, two other Grey Knights, Hawkespur, and Magos Antigonus. [2]

Hammer of Daemons

Sarthis Majoris

Alaric and his squad are on the planet Sarthis Majoris attempting to stop a daemonic army from taking over the planet. During the fighting, Alaric and the Grey Knights abandon their post to challenge the Chaos Champion leading the force. Alaric is defeated and captured along with Brother Haulvarn.[3]


Drakaasi is a chaos controlled planet dedicated to Khorne within the Eye of Terror. After their capture Alaric and Haulvarn are brought here and fitted with collars stripping them of their psychic powers, including their wards. They are forced to fight in the planets arenas though Haulvarn is quickly killed in a fight against a daemon champion of one of the planet's lords. Alaric however becomes a very popular gladiator, all the while trying to manipulate the various war lords into infighting by playing on their tense rivalries. He was briefly driven insane when the lord that captured him tried to have him possessed by the Tzeentchian daemon Raezazel to make him a better competitor, and during this time he seemed to behave in a manner similar to a Khorne berserker, reveling in the bloodshed until he returns to his senses. He was eventually able to escape along with many captured civilians using a ship that crashed on the planet long before using a slave revolt as cover, and triggering a civil war that (accidentally) earned him the favor of Khorne. He leaves the civilians who attempt to go on the pilgrimage that the former passengers of the ship had been on, but are killed when the daemon Raezazel stowed on board. Alaric eventually makes his way back to the Inquisition. [3]


Justicar Alaric is equipped with aegis armour with integrated stormbolter and a halberd Nemesis Force Weapon. He, like all Grey Knights, has a personal copy of the Liber Daemonicum stored within a locked compartment in the breastplate of his aegis armour.[Needs Citation]

Insignium Valorus

Alaric has reached such a rank that he can wear a personal heraldry upon his shoulder mounted shield. He has added a single star to his heraldry in remembrance of Inquisitor Ligeia.[Needs Citation]

Psychic Abilites

Justicar Alaric's psychic abilities are all internally directed. His psychic shield allows him to break holds daemons may have over his body. It also gives him warnings when daemons approach. Alaric attributes this to his training as a Grey Knight and his iron core of faith. His faith serves as a focus, strengthing his powers.[Needs Citation]