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Alberoth Helmawr

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Alberoth Helmawr was a past Planetary Governor of Necromunda, whose need for a devoted and hardy workforce led him to oversee the creation of the Goliaths.[1]

This occurred near the end of M39, when the birth of the Cult of Redemption stripped Necromunda Hives of their workforce and prompted mass exoduses across the Hive World. This led Alberoth to be faced with both a loss of productivity and a waning control over his people. Rankled by this tear in his perfect reality, and the thought of his population not viewing him as their absolute ruler or God, Alberoth turned to the Clan Houses to create a reliable replacement workforce. Of the various prototypes brought to him, both Van Saar and Escher showed the most promise and each asked for special concessions once the workers were ready. Alberoth, though, was never going to place such an important task in the hands of a single Clan House, lest they go behind his back with another Noble House or choose to keep the creation for themselves. Instead Alberoth cunningly invited both Houses to collaborate on the project, for surely their combined specialized skills would surpass anything either House could accomplish alone.[1]

The next several decades saw the two Houses work together, but also war with each other, as they both coveted the other's technology in order to fix the genetic flaws of their Houses. Their endeavor was also plagued by sabotage by the Hive World's Noble and other Clan Houses, who sought to end Alberoth's ambitions. External agencies who regarded the artificial creation of life as an affront to the laws of the Imperium, also sought to stop the project. Despite these setbacks and struggles, though, by the millennium's end the first of the Goliaths successfully emerged from their amniotic vat. Tens of thousands of these hulking workers then went on to successfully bring life to manufactoria and domes that had not seen industry for centuries. However when Alberoth died, drowning in a bath filled with Somerian wine, and was then succeeded by his daughter Jeuns Helmawr, the union between Van Saar and Escher died as well. This put into motion events that eventually caused the creation of House Goliath.[1]

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