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Algernon Traegus

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"Only in the absolute stillness of the body and the complete silencing of the voice can we hear the truth of our inner thoughts, and so hearing, know ourselves that much the better."
- Chapter Master Traegus.

Algernon Traegus was the sixteenth Chapter Master of the Crimson Fists.[1]

By M41, Traegus had come to be seen as a controversial figure by many in Chapter Command for his attempt at instituting a eugenics program in an attempt to breed suitable aspirants for the Crimson Fists using failed aspirants and genetically-compatible women. Ultimately the program did not have the desired results.[1]

Traegus was succeeded as Chapter Master by Klede Sargo. Sargo immediately halted the eugenics program and none of the Fists' subsequent Masters ever attempted to restart it.[1]

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