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Alicia Kar Manticos

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Alicia Kar Manticos is a Tzeentchian sorceress.[1f]


Originally a member of House Manticos, a Knight House of the Imperial world Adrastapol, Alicia is one of the last survivors of House Manticos, following its destruction.[1e]

She fell in love with Gerraint Tan Chimaeros, head of House Chimaeros (another Adrastapolian Knight House), and would go on to become his consort[1b], becoming a member of House Chimaeros (taking the Kar honorific in the process to indicate that she had foresworn any ties she had with her former House[1a]) and bearing him a son.[1f]

She was able to convince Gerraint to turn on the Imperium, leading him along with most of his House in the Betrayal on Donatos. Allying themselves with fellow renegade Adrastapolian House Wyvorn and a Host of Word Bearers led by the Dark Apostle Varakh'Lorr[1c], Gerraint and Alicia tried to seize control of Adrastapol by eliminating the Knight World's loyalist Houses.[1d]

Ultimately, the Loyalist forces on Donatos were rallied by High King Danial Tan Draconis. Houses Chimaeros and Wyvorn were wiped out and Gerraint was killed in an honour duel with Jennika Tan Draconis. Alicia, however, was able to escape. Luk Kar Chimaeros would go on to pursue her, after he took the oath of the Freeblade.[1g][1h][1i][2]