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Alivia Sureka

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Alivia Sureka is a servant of the Emperor. An ancient human who lived before the 20th century of Terra, she is essentially immortal due to being a Perpetual.


Alivia Sureka was oblivious to her true nature until doom approached Arcadia.[1a]

During the Dark Age of Technology on a one-way spacecraft Alivia traveled with the man who would become the Emperor to Molech.[Needs Citation] There, she witnessed the Emperor enter the planet's gateway into the Warp and gain new powers, likely the ability to create the Primarchs. Sureka was kept behind on Molech by the Emperor to watch over the gateway and prevent others from utilizing its abilities. When Molech was garrisoned by the Imperium during the Great Crusade, her role became redundant and she settled down with a single father Jeph and his two daughters, Miska and Vivyen.[1][This citation is still incomplete]

Later when Molech was invaded by the forces of Horus during his rebellion, Alivia was caught up in the violence and encountered a group of Ultramarines led by Castor Alcade. Determined to prevent Horus from obtaining the abilities of the Emperor, Sureka convinced the Ultramarines in aiding her to seal the planet's hidden Warp gate. Alivia gave her life trying to permanently seal the gate just as Horus and the Justaerin advanced into its chamber, impaled by Horus' Power Claw seconds before she could complete the ritual. Later however Sureka was apparently revealed to still be alive, appearing before Vivyen and Miska aboard the ship Molech's Enlightenment.[1][This citation is still incomplete]

While on board the Molech's Enlightenment, Alivia's adopted daughter was abducted by a fragment of the serpent cult of Molech which had hidden itself on the ship. While searching for the child, Alivia was discovered by Severian of the Knights Errant who helped Alivia eliminate the cult cell and recover her daughter.[2]

For the next 2 years Sureka traveled aboard the vessel towards Terra. Just before it entered the Sol System though, the Molech Enlightenment Captain Sulaiman began to argue with Sureka about how they should enter the System. Sureka argued that due to the Warmaster's treachery the Sol System would be heavily defended by the Imperium and its forces would destroy any ship that entered it from the Warp unannounced. She suggested that they should use a less known Mandeville Point, which would give them time to safely contact the Imperium, rather than the well known Elysian Gate, as Sulaiman had planned, which was closer to Terra. The Captain disregarded her suggestion though, both as he viewed her as a civilian, abate one who had become well regarded and called a Saint by most aboard the Destroyer, and he refused to have his ship enter the Sol System like an intruder. He then ordered Molech's Enlightenment to exit the Warp through the Elysian Gate - and in doing so nearly had it destroyed, as the Imperium's forces near the Gate immediately fired upon it.[3]

This forced Sureka to intervene and she asked Sulaiman to evade and keep them alive, long enough for her to ask for help. The confused Captain agreed, not knowing that Sureka was in fact a Perpetual, who had been in psychic contact with one of her brethren, since they neared the Sol System. Known as John Grammaticus, he had repeatedly offered to help Molech's Enlightenment safely reach Terra, if Sureka would tell him where the missing Perpetual Oll Persson was. Sureka had refused to help him before, due to their troubled history together and not knowing where Persson was, but with the Molech's Enlightenment facing certain destruction, she contacted John and agreed to his deal. With her aid secured, John used his influence with the Imperium, to call off the attack on the Molech's Enlightenment, which had been mere moments from being destroyed. The Destroyer was then escorted to Terra by the Battleship Cardinal Boras, where the survivors of Molech safely disembarked. While Sureka and her family viewed Terra's sky, she was confronted by Khalid Hassan, who had been sent to bring the Perpetual to Malcador the Sigillite. However, Sureka refused to go with him, which caused Khalid to tell her he would force her to go if necessary. Before he could make good on his threat though, the grateful survivors of Molech appeared and carried Sureka and her family away from Khalid, oblivious as to what was happening between them. The agent of Malcador could only shake his head and return to his vehicle as the crowd swept passed him, but Sureka knew she had not seen the last of him.[3]

During the Siege of Terra Alivia Sureka and her "family" dwelt in the miserable refugee camps of the inner palace. However she was soon confronted by Khalid Hassan, who had been sent by Malcador the Sigillite to recruit her for a mission. Alivia agreed, provided her family could be moved to better conditions inside the Sanctum Imperialis.[4] Sureka and Malcador waited at the shores of a subterranean lake deep beneath the Imperial Palace until Magnus the Red and his small entourage of Thousand Sons arrived. Sureka engaged in a brief game of regicide with the Crimson King at the behest of Malcador, but when Magnus learned the lost lost shard he sought was now beyond his reach he became enraged and seemingly slew the Sigillite. Shortly after Sureka was blown apart by a bolter shell fired by Atrahasis.[4a] When Alivia Sureka regenerated and awoke, the Thousand Sons had moved on, and she came before the charred remains of Malcador. Alivia transferred her immortal life essence into Malcador to revive him as she died to thoughts of her family.[4b]