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All is Dust (Short Story)

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All is Dust
All is Dust.jpg
Author John French
Publisher Black Library
Released March 2012
Collected in Ahriman: Exodus
Ahriman: The Omnibus
Editions ISBN 99780857876614

All is Dust is a short story by John French, published online in March, 2012, as part of Black Library's celebration of its fifteen year anniversary.[1] It was later included in the 15th Birthday Collection (Anthology).

Cover Description

To their foes, Thousand Sons are automata, deadly walking armoured suits who feel no pain or fear. But what is it like to live inside that armour, a spirit divorced from flesh?[1]


Aware of existence, yet perceiving it as an endless fall through darkness and the perception of dust, a Rubric Marine slowly awakens into an increased state of consciousness, trying to comprehend shattered memories and the perception of an impossible physical state.



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